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CaptionThe fabled All-Gem.

The All-Gem was a mythical gemstone, reportedly anywhere between the size of a fist to the size of a Dwarf. Many legends and tales attribute the All-Gem with having miraculous properties or abilities, though each of these stories vary.


Regardless of the nuances, most tales agree that the All-Gem is a large gemstone, with a size, clarity and range of colour that is unmatched by any other gemstone or jewel.


As it was a gemstone, the All-Gem was presumably created by natural geological forces. It is unknown how the gemstone obtained its, supposedly, unique coloration or size.


The All-Gem was once in the hands of Bormar and was often seen as its symbol, showing both its prosperity and its grand destiny.

At some point in the far past, the gem vanished. Some say it was stolen by a thief, others say it was spirited away by the last Dwarf-At-Arms of a wronged Lady and some dare to claim it was the Gods themselves - taking back their gift from the Dwarves.

In recent times, most in Bormar think the stone is merely a story, though some select few with enough time, power and wealth turn their mind towards the possibilities of the All-Gem existing and where it may have ended up.

None have had any success, though, until only recently. Lord Voman Stoutheart is a Lord who enjoys some of the most precious things a Lord can have in Bormar: great wealth, a good reputation, and high public opinion. As such, when he began his private search for the stone, he was met with polite dissuasion rather than mocking rebuke. Unknown to all, Voman tracked down the gem to a remote island, a few weeks sailing away from the coast of Bormar. Using his influence and wealth, he sponsored an Outpost to be created on the island.

In the most unlikely circumstances, the Dwarves of this Outpost tracked down the final resting place of the All-Gem. However, they believed it belonged to all Bormar, not a single individual. Defying Voman's commands, they withstood attacks from the Grol and spirited the All-Gem back away to its original hiding spot and began their guerrilla defence of the island.

Over time, to a Dwarf, they all perished.

With this tragedy unknown to all but Lord Voman Stoutheart, he began to finance another Outpost on the island with the aims of gaining the All-Gem for certain.

This new Outpost; Zietal Mar, would slowly grow on the island. Over time, the remnants of journals and diaries of the previous Outpost, Youand, would be found. These pages detailed the past discovery of the All-Gem and, through clever deduction and perseverance, it was eventually re-discovered by Gib Andosk. The final chamber that held the All-Gem, was littered with the bones of its last Dwarven guardians, a small group known as The Children Of The Mountain.

After much discussion and voting, the All-Gem was seemingly destroyed in front of the Dwarves of the Outpost, by those who had discovered it. However, in secret, it was deemed that the All-Gem would be taken to Bormar to be used as evidence against Voman. The Dwarves fled the island before Voman could assault their Outpost and escaped to Bormar. Ultimately, the All-Gem now resides within the possession of the First House.