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Axedwarf is a Sub-Class of the Dwarf-At-Arms.


Often seen as a brutal weapon, it is often assumed it is used by either laborers or savages on the fringes of civilization. Prove them wrong as you cleave through both armor and bone as easily as lumber.

The axe has its own uses in the hands of the skilled as an incredibly versatile weapon.


Name Use Unlock Cost Upgrade #
Chop Hack away at your opponent and slow them down for a short time. 2 SP Thrice
Dismember Get in close to your opponent and perform a debilitating attack that will leave them bleeding for a short while. 2 SP Thrice
Eviscerate Launch into a frenzy and decimate your opponent by striking them with multiple blows. 2 SP Thrice
Cyclone Sweep your axe in a large arc to hit all opponents in your nearby radius. 3 SP Once
Execute Heft your mighty axe and prepare to hit your opponent with a tremendously powerful blow. 3 SP Once


Axedwarves In-Game

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