Bormar Societies

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Bormar Socities are groups of Dwarves of Bormar. Each society specialises on specific sections. Societies succeed the 'guilds' present within Middle-Ages Bormar.

Bormar Socieities usually have their main hall within Ereben, Bormar's Capital. Societies wil also have multiple smaller halls throughout the mainland.

It is a rare occurance to have an officially sanctioned society in an Outpost, though some exceptions apply.

Profession Societies[edit | edit source]

Bormar Apothecary Society (BAS)[edit | edit source]

Bormar Dwarf-At-Arms Society (BDAS) [PLACEHOLDER][edit | edit source]

Bormar Hunting Society (BHS) [PLACEHOLDER][edit | edit source]

Bormar Wordsmith Society (BWS) [PLACEHOLDER][edit | edit source]

Bormar Farming Society (BFS) [PLACEHOLDER][edit | edit source]

Bormar Smith Society (BSS) [PLACEHOLDER][edit | edit source]

Speciality Societies[edit | edit source]

Society of Eateries and Taverns (SOEAT)[edit | edit source]

The SOEAT is a Society designated to ensuring health & safety standards throughout Bormar, as well as endorsing or repremanding breweries, taverns, eateries, brewers, chefs, farmers and many others.

The SOEAT has a distinct logo of quality, burnt into the wood of endorsed places and products. This logo depicts Voltung the Vast eating a large meal with a fork. The 'SOEAT' acronym flows up the tines.

The SOEAT manages itself through a system of a 'Board'. Where seats are selected by nomination. The current and longest-serving chairdwarf of the board is Voltung the Vast, who reformed the originally corrupt and standards-less Society.

Today, SOEAT stamps are a sign of very high quality products, people, and places. The SOEAT demarkates quality through a 'VASTAR' system. A rating of 5 Star-shaped symbols named after Voltung.

Bormar Scholars Union [PLACEHOLDER][edit | edit source]

Bormar Axe Dwarf Society [PLACEHOLDER][edit | edit source]

Bormar Swords Dwarf Society [PLACEHOLDER][edit | edit source]

Bormar Theatrical Society[edit | edit source]

Guild of Trollogists (GoT)[edit | edit source]

Other Societies[edit | edit source]