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Animal NameCucurbita
CaptionA small variant of the Cucurbita.

Part animal, part plant, the Cucurbita is a thorn in the side of many societies within Bormar, who constantly argue as to whose jurisdiction it lies under.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

On the outside, a Cucurbita merely looks like any large pumpkin, gourd or similar large vegetable. However, the 'true' Cucurbita, which resembles a type of spider, can be found within the body of these vegetables. After the larval stage, both vegetable and animal fuse together, so it is impossible to tell what the 'true' Cucurbita looks like. Many specimens show decorative markings on the shell, presumably to either entice prey or ward off predators.

Behaviour[edit | edit source]

Shortly after it is spawned, the larval stage of the animal will find try and find a suitable host vegetable in which to grow. The animal and plant then fuse or merge together which each other to form a symbiotic relationship. The Cucurbita is quite content to sit in one place and feed as much as a plant would and in the same way. However, in areas where prey is more common, its animal instincts will kick in, making it a much more mobile and dangerous enemy. Nothing else seems to occupy the Cucurbita's time and it is quite happy to live out the rest of its days in a single spot. This has caused the ire of many a Dwarven farmer, who decides to harvest a prized pumpkin, only to realise that they have been watering an imposter this whole time.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Smaller specimens of the Cucurbita, labelled as 'Minisculus', are quite easy to stomp out by even an unarmed Dwarf. However, as the Cucurbita ages, it also grows in size. The outer 'shell' of the Cucurbita becomes tough and hardened against the weather and inhospitable nature of the outside world. If any large specimens are encountered, it is advisable to attack any protruding portions of the 'animal' section of the Cucurbita, or to simply hack away at the vegetable shell in order to create a weak spot.

Drops[edit | edit source]

Most of the harvestable items from a Cucurbita are plant-based. They can be eaten, though the taste is highly unpleasant.

Ecology[edit | edit source]

Almost uniquely, Cucurbita occupy a small niche in the worldwide ecosystem in that they fall into both the animal and plant categories simultaneously.

Cultural Impact[edit | edit source]

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