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Agave[edit | edit source]

A type of cactus with thick, spiny leaves.

Apple[edit | edit source]

The round fruit of the apple tree. Crisp and refreshing.

Apricot[edit | edit source]

A soft, juicy fruit that varies from yellow to orange.

Avocado[edit | edit source]

Covered in rough, leathery skin, with a large seed in the middle.

Banana[edit | edit source]

A curved, yellow fruit that must be peeled before being eaten.

Cherry[edit | edit source]

A small, dark-red fruit that grows in clusters.

Date[edit | edit source]

Clusters of this fruit grow from palm trees in warm climates.

Dragonfruit[edit | edit source]

Named after the mythical creature for its striking resemblance to a dragon's tail.

Durian[edit | edit source]

A spiny, round fruit that smells horrific, but tastes quite nice.

Fig[edit | edit source]

A deep purple fruit, shaped like a clove of garlic.

Grape[edit | edit source]

A purple variety of the grape; a small, juicy fruit about half the size of a thumb.

Grapefruit[edit | edit source]

Often mistaken for a large orange, the grapefruit has a tart, acidic, but strangely pleasant taste.

Guava[edit | edit source]

A light green fruit with bright pink flesh. It has a strong, sweet taste and aroma.

Kiwi[edit | edit source]

The slightly fuzzy skin of the kiwi isn't edible.

Lemon[edit | edit source]

A bitter, acidic, bright yellow fruit used in many aspects of cooking, brewing and apothecarial sciences.

Lime[edit | edit source]

A bright green, acidic fruit, slightly smaller than a lemon.

Mango[edit | edit source]

Usually eaten raw, this large, fleshy fruit is juicy and succulent.

Melon[edit | edit source]

A large fruit, about the size of a head, the inside of which is juicy and very tasty.

Orange[edit | edit source]

Found in warmer climates, the orange can come in a huge variety of shapes and varying flavours.

Papaya[edit | edit source]

A large, oval fruit with edible flesh. It prefers hot climates to grow in.

Passionfruit[edit | edit source]

Outwardly, it is simply round and completely nondescript. The insides resemble a gelatinous mess of seeds, which looks unappetising, but is very flavoursome.

Peach[edit | edit source]

Slightly fuzzy with a large stone in the middle. The peach has a subtle flavour and grows in temperate climates.

Pear[edit | edit source]

The flesh of this fruit is crunchy, but ever so slightly gritty. Can be cooked with or even turned into a type of cider.

Persimmon[edit | edit source]

An exotic fruit that looks like an orange tomato.

Pineapple[edit | edit source]

With its spiny body and large leaves, the pineapple makes quite the show piece.

Plum[edit | edit source]

A small, purple fruit that can be eaten raw, but is often cooked.

Pomegranate[edit | edit source]

The seeds are usually picked out with toothpicks and eaten individually, making it an incredibly time-consuming fruit to eat.

Pumpkin[edit | edit source]

A large gourd that grows on the ground. The outside is relatively tough.

Starfruit[edit | edit source]

An incredibly strange shaped fruit, the cross-section of it resembles a star.

Watermelon[edit | edit source]

A large striped variety of melon. It's watery, red flesh has a rather subtle taste and is filled with seeds.