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Amethyst Parasol[edit | edit source]

A striking, bright purple mushroom. The top cap is crusted and cracked, making it look like an amethyst gemstone.

Arctic Powdercap[edit | edit source]

It is said that the slight powder that forms on the tops of these mushrooms can forewarn of severe storms or weather. The more powder present, the worse the storm.

Bearded Morel[edit | edit source]

A relatively non-descript mushroom, except for the long strands of brown 'fur' that hang down from the cap.

Bitter Beacon[edit | edit source]

An incredibly bitter tasting fungus, the Adzjab Human tribes will often turn this into a jam, or chutney of sorts. It is believed this meshes with their particular cultural beliefs.

Black Tongue[edit | edit source]

Surprisingly, a very sweet, pleasant mushroom. The black colouring often leaves itself on the tongue, becoming some what of a practical joke played amongst younger Dwarves.

Bloodspot[edit | edit source]

Only the size of a thimble and covered in innumerable, tiny crimson spots, Bloodspot packs an incredibly potent floral taste.

Blue Bolete[edit | edit source]

With its very distinct colouration, Blue Bolete is a favourite for Dwarves who keep mushrooms as house plants. Often used for its qualities as a dye.

Blushing Puffball[edit | edit source]

Likened to the blushing cheeks of young female Dwarves, the Puffball is a particularly pleasing fungus to look at.

Bontum's Shield[edit | edit source]

It bears a remarkable resemblance to the colour and symbol adorned on the shield of the mythical warrior Bontum.

Chocolate Domecap[edit | edit source]

A deep brown, slender mushrooms. It's rich, velvety texture makes it a favourite addition to soups and stews.

Cinnabar Saddle[edit | edit source]

Fond of low-light levels and damp environments, it is shaped like a miniature saddle. This has led to many tales and folklore stories surrounding its use by pixies and other spritely creatures.

Coral Chanterelle[edit | edit source]

A fluted, trumpet-shaped chantarelle mushroom, with a vibrant pink colour. It's nutty, fruity flavour makes it a favourite for cooks.

Crimped Lungwort[edit | edit source]

Resembling the lungwort lichen, this small, dark gray mushroom is often eaten raw as a simple snack.

Dead Dwarf's Bottle[edit | edit source]

Shaped to catch rain and dew, it is often said that anyone who drinks the water from this mushroom will perish sooner rather than later.

Dripping Sickener[edit | edit source]

A horrific looking piece of fungus that resembles a diseased piece of rotting flesh. Some Dwarves swear that it's an acquired taste, though many don't get past the first bite.

Elephant Cup[edit | edit source]

Named after the sheer size and strange inverted shape of the mushroom. Often used as an impromptu drinking vessel for miners on the job.

Fluted Roundhead[edit | edit source]

A commonly found mushroom in flourishing forests, they have an incredibly sour taste.

Glass Stumpcutter[edit | edit source]

Mostly found on rotting tree stumps, it has a translucent cap with a light brown rim. Often said to bring good luck if you find them.

Goliath Agaric[edit | edit source]

Slow-growing and occasionally reaching tremendous sizes, it is considered a sign of wealth to be able to show one of these off in your own home.

Great Cap[edit | edit source]

Large enough to be worn as a hat, there are stories of Dwarves making a single mushroom last for days as a meal.

Hobnail Canker[edit | edit source]

An incredibly hard, dense mushroom that resembles an iron nail. Cobblers and shoemakers, for generations, have sworn that they can use them in place of nails, for a temporary fix.

Jisken[edit | edit source]

Covered in an outer layer of bright, putrid smelling paste, that has been known to be used by the Grol for their various paints and tattoos. Incredibly rich and sweet once cooked.

Magma Morel[edit | edit source]

Found dangling over the side of lava pits, often times in the lava itself. It is completely unknown how this mushroom manages to withstand the incredible heat.

Mountain Lion Mushroom[edit | edit source]

A particularly large mushroom, with a wide ring of bushy fibers underneath its cap. Particularly common in the Gallita Bluffs, of the Mar Mountains, and brewed into a tea by the various settlements there.

Ogre's Tooth[edit | edit source]

A long, thin, gray mushroom with a pointed cap. It's size and shape has been, understandably, attributed to the ogre.

Pig's Honey Fungus[edit | edit source]

Almost irresistible to pigs and boars, which are often used to find and root them out. It is often described as completely plain and boring, in both taste and texture.

Rosey Toadstool[edit | edit source]

A pleasant looking, bright-red toadstool with a number of apothecarial uses.

Smith's Ruin[edit | edit source]

Often found living on rusty objects, smiths around Bormar claim that this mushroom eats away at the iron quicker than anything else. Naturally, any specimens found are eradicated as quickly as possible.

The Ground King[edit | edit source]

With spikes rising from its crown-like cap, it is believed this mushroom was named by the Humans, as their traditions surrounding royalty differ from those of the Dwarves

Toad's Roof Truffle[edit | edit source]

Growing in small clumps that form a larger 'roof' over a small patch of grass, it is believed to be named by the child of a former Lord of Bormar.

Toughshank[edit | edit source]

Humans, Dwarves and other minor races have all used this mushroom over the course of history, as a tooth-cleaning aid. The incredibly tough, fibrous stem can be chewed for hours and may help digestion.

Troll Club[edit | edit source]

A thick, meaty mushroom with no clear definition between stem and cap.

Underfoot Helmling[edit | edit source]

Many a Dwarf has bent down to pick up a shiny coin underfoot, only to find one of these. Its tough, resilient cap and shiny, grey texture will continue to fool generations.

Warlock's Trumpet[edit | edit source]

A thin, pitch-black mushroom shaped like a vicious hook. Bitter and coarse, this fungus only sees regular use in apothecarial circles.

Waxcap[edit | edit source]

Looks, feels and supposedly tastes like earwax, it perpetually glistens day or night. The high oil content in this mushroom means it is frequently used as a cheap alternative to candles.

Wickerman's Fungus[edit | edit source]

Thatched roofs are quite rare in central Bormar, but are still a common sight in some of the outlying villages and towns. Wickerman's Fungus thrives in the dry, warm layers of thatch, much to the dismay of the Dwarves who make them.

Woodstain Cap[edit | edit source]

Dipping this mushroom in water and using it as a brush on wooden furniture, distills a lovely dark-coloured varnish, albeit over many passes.

Woodwart[edit | edit source]

Most Dwarves wouldn't bear the thought of trying to harvest these disgusting purple growths, yet here you are.