Grol Language

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Since the first contact with the Grol, the Dwarves of Bormar have tried to establish a lexicon of words, phrases and such, so that they might come to fully understand one another one day. This has turned out to be an incredibly difficult ordeal due to most Grol living in central Bormar not being fluent in the language and the geographical remoteness of Grol societies, their mistrust to strangers and their general privacy. However, over the generations, scholars and traders have slowly established a short list of the language of the Grol.

Simple Words[edit]

Gurku/Nurku = Formal Greeting/Goodbye

Orli = Casual Hello and Bye

Ag = Yes

Nag = No

Dhi / te = The

ees= is/it

e = and

an = a

en = in

M-ji = Me

Tu = You

S-ji = She

H-ji = He

Qur = We


Aun = one

Ku = two

Tul = three

Ne = four

Net = five

Grut = many


-ji = Suffix denoting a person.

-ti = Suffix denoting a thing or object.

Te = Article for groups of people.

-t = Plural.

-en = Plural.

-oln = 'One who makes'.

-ak = signifying great pain.

-em = signifying an amount of respect.

-a = Suffix for 'er', e.g Urk-a = Thinker

d- = Prefix for 'to', e.g canao d-sleppen = sing to sleep


Ajara = Dwarf (Derogatory)

Bormarji = Dwarf, lit. 'person of Bormar'.

Grol = The grol race.

Aan - A name

Bot = A youth, a young person

Botleen = A teenager

Basta = A grol alcoholic beverage made from cactus and a variety of gourds.

Dubir - brother

Difur = Sister

Ar-bu = The main Grol god, thought to have an amazing long beard. lit 'Great Strong'

Fynir = Alcohol (Old loan word from the Old Dwarven “Fynnir”)

Ur = First

Ka = Mind

Pel - heart

Lig - leg, or legs.

Per = Salve, commonly used for potions or tinctures.

Urka = The title of a great thinker/inventor, a very rare trait for a Grol to have. lit "Thinker"

Peroln = The title of a potion-maker, a very rare trait for a Grol to have. lit "Salve maker"

Pepam = The title of a Priest. lit "Teaching believer"

Wurlv - Wolf

Baar - Bear

Borr - Boar

Hoggen - Hog

Vek - Vekhorn

Tomal = Metal

Gruqui = Ground

Lahir - a book

Luntir - a story/poem/rhyme

Gommiq = A gem

Stobej - melee weapon or tool used to break things such as a hammer, lit. 'strike to break'.

Tolt - small piece of wood, usually a stick or twig.

Toltpult - a bow, lit. 'stick thrower'.

Polk - skin

Kupolk - armour or clothes, lit. 'second skin'. Prior adjectives give more nuance to determine the type of armour or clothes.

Moqu = Morning/Day

Nuqi = Evening/Night

Stola - the Moon.

Argruqui = the Earth, lit 'Great Ground'

Urba - generic name for a Grol hut or room.


Bej = To break

Apar - Death, to die.

Aparak = To die, painfully

Aqqu = (Do) not

Brea = To strongly like/love

Fua = To strongly dislike/hate

Romu = To fight

Grungern - Empty, in terms of the body; mind, stomach, heart, etc.

Polto - Full, in terms of the body; mind, stomach, heart, etc.

Imit - to allow something to happen, to give permission

Edish - to feed, or sometimes to refer to the food itself.

Poten - water, or to drink. Other alternatives to water are very rare, so this has become the same word over time.

Pult - to throw.

Grutlig - a great distance, lit 'many legs'.

Pepu - To teach

Amu - To believe

Canao - To sing

Abaga - to travel, to journey.

Juntu - to find, to discover.

Sleppen - to sleep, lit 'sleeps (pl.)'

Urk - to think or be smart/wise

Bargah - to blame or complain

Enduqiah - to compare, lit 'In comparison'


Skorj'Al = A title meaning "the best in". There is no literal translation.

Sto = Struck (with something) - also used to mean “afflicted” or “ailed by”

Kra = to use something.

Gor = Nice/Good

Bu - strong, heavy, dense.

Nagbu - weak, brittle, light, lit. 'not strong'.

Ar- = Prefix meaning great or best

Morr = Big

Byugg = Small

Red = Rosoon

Blue = Cyart

Yellow = Lannirt

Green = Lorme


Aqqu romu te borsut, ajara! = (Do) not fight warriors, Dwarf!

Fynirstoji = A contemptuous term for a drunken person or an alcoholic, literally “Alcohol-afflicted (person)”

M-ji aan ees 'Ving Legaan' = My name is 'Ving Legaan' (Common Grol names)

M-amu m-urba ees gor. = I think my house is nice.

S-fua te bormarji-en = She hates the dwarves.

H-brea Ar-bu, h-urk ees ar-gor! = He loves Ar-bu, he thinks he is the greatest!