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Hammerer is a Sub-Class of the Dwarf-At-Arms.


Whilst most see hammer-wielders as muscle-bound brutes, with little to no intelligence, a skilled hammer wielder must be able to utilize the weight dynamics of their weapon to the best effect.

A trained fighter with a hammer can be a powerful force of destruction, able to smash away shields, swing in large arcs, and knock down the fiercest of enemies.


Name Use Unlock Cost Upgrade #
Sunder Armor dents and shields buckle under your relentless assault. 1 SP Thrice
Earthshaker Hammer wielders can deliver mighty blows to the ground in order to damage and daze opponents nearby. 3 SP Thrice
Smash A powerful blow aimed at held weapons or shields, can render an attacker, or defender, harmless for a short period of time. 2 SP Thrice
Backbreaker At close range, a single solid hammer blow can leave the target injured, slowed down, crippled, or worse. 2 SP Thrice
Defiance A strong warrior, shouting in defiance of their enemies is a rousing sight to behold. You and any nearby allies will feel a rush of vigor when you use this skill. 3 SP Thrice


Hammerers In-Game

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