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Harji the Shaman was a Grol in the Archipelago


Also known as "Stickboy" by some of the Dwarves.

During the final battle of Zietal Mar he was a member of the specialist group leading the assault.

He was trained as a shaman by Skorj'Al Peroln, although his training was cut short by Peroln's demise at the hands of the 'evil' dwarves of Zietal Mar.

With his limited knowledge he tried his best with his weak potions. During the siege he was seen wielding a staff, and a couple of harming, slowing, and glowing potions.

He survived the conflict and has grown in knowledge after finding the research and potions left behind by the dwarves....

Notable Quotes

"Ar-Bu shal have revenge for us, the dwarf shal fall at his hands"

"Ar-Bu is with us!"

"oh by Ar-Bu...."

" *sighs* ...Yes, I use my potions to smash the dwarfs."

"I'm the only smart one here aren't I?"

"Potion out!..... Oh sorry my bad."