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Whilst Smiths may work in metal, Jewellers specify in the most valuable of metals and alloys, seeking to elevate their craft with the rarest of materials.

Jewellers can transform ingots of metal into many types of jewellery, customising their descriptions, transforming rough gemstones to finely cut masterpieces and setting them all within a single piece.


Skill Icon Name Description Total Levels Skill Point Cost Per Level Skill Point Scaling Cost Per Level Total Skill Points Required For Max Level
Click Combos By pressing a three-button combination of the left and right mouse buttons; R-R-R, R-L-R, R-R-L, you can perform special attacks with any type of weapon. 0 0 SP N/A 0 SP
Craft Bracelet A jeweller can create basic, plain bracelets from any metal type. These necklaces can later be embellished and set with gemstones. 1 2 SP N/A 2 SP
Craft Necklace A jeweller can create basic, plain necklaces from any metal type. These necklaces can later be embellished and set with gemstones. 1 2 SP N/A 2 SP
Craft Ring A jeweller can create basic, plain rings from any metal type. These necklaces can later be embellished and set with gemstones. 1 2 SP N/A 2 SP
Custom Crafting After a character has used a certain number of skill points, they will be given the option to unlock this skill. This will allow them to use a Custom Crafting 'token', in return for a custom-made item. 1 1 SP N/A 1 SP
Embellish Jewellers can turn even the simplest of jewellery into works of art. Use this skill on a plain, unadorned piece of jewellery to change its design; from elemental motifs, geometric patterns, floral designs, and many more. 1 2 SP N/A 2 SP
Level Up This skill gives the character an extra skill point, after a long cooldown. 0 0 SP N/A 0 SP
Forge Jewellers can cut gems to successive levels of perfection. Only the most skilled of gemcutters can obtain the most prized and sought-after cuts. 5 1 SP N/A 5 SP
Mass Smelt By digging up types of stone, Miners have a chance to find gemstones or other rare minerals. The higher your level, the higher chance you will have and the more variety of gemstones you will find. 4 1 SP N/A 4 SP
Orehound Jewellery can be adorned with gemstones of any type or grade. More experienced gemsetters will be able to place many gemstones in a single piece of jewellery. 3 1 SP N/A 3 SP
Jewellers Tools This skill produces a set of jewellers tools, which are required by other skills in order to function. 1 1 SP N/A 1 SP
Smelt Along with being able to create pieces of jewellery, a Jeweller can also render them back down into their constituent parts. 1 2 SP N/A 2 SP

Tools And Equipment

A typical Jewellers workshop may be filled with a wide variety of tools, such as chisels, gravers and polishing cloths in order to create the finest cut gems and jewellery. An area for general metal working is usually found, with a basic forge set up to enable the creation of basic jewellery.

Jewellers may keep supplies of metals and gemstones in their places of residence, under lock and key.

Jewellers In-Game

An example of a high quality piece of jewellery. An embellished tungsten ring, with three gemstones set into it.

Those who play Jewellers enjoy improving on what wealth, function, or fashion there is around them. Either by making opulent goods themselves, or elevating the work of others, Jewellers all have a keen eye for potential value.

Gem cutters, gem polishers, engravers, enamelers, silver smiths, gold smiths, and bankers could all use the Jeweller profession.

Jewellers will often be the first people to see when an object wrought of precious metals is wanted or required. Aside from jewellery, this could extend to things like watches, goblets, crowns and other unique items.