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There is a saying in Bormar that wealth is power. And while this is a saying no First House family would argue, wealth alone has no purpose unless it is known you have it. Jewellers are the way to show your wealth, and are highly sought after craftsdwarves in any outpost.

Jewellers transform ordinary stones and ores in to the finest jewellery with their craft - rings, bracelets, and necklaces from many different metals, all fit with dazzling gemstones.


Name Use Unlock Cost Upgrade #
Gemfinder The underground is full of gemstones and rare metals just waiting to be excavated by dedicated miners. More experienced gemfinders can seek out a wider range of gemstones. 1 SP Four
Gemcutter Jewellers can cut gems to successive levels of perfection. Only the most skilled of gemcutters can obtain the most prized and sought-after cuts. 1 SP Five
Gemsetting Jewellery can be adorned with gemstones of any type or grade. More experienced gemsetters will be able to place many gemstones in a single piece of jewellery. 1 SP Thrice
Embellish Jewellers can turn even the simplest of jewellery into works of art. Use this skill on a plain, unadorned piece of jewellery to change its design; from elemental motifs, geometric patterns, floral designs, and many more. Some may notice benefits when wearing particularly well-crafted jewellery. 2 SP Once
Craft Necklace A jeweller can create basic, plain necklaces from any metal type. These necklaces can later be embellished and set with gemstones. 2 SP Once
Craft Bracelet A jeweller can create basic, plain bracelets from any metal type. These bracelets can later be embellished and set with gemstones. 2 SP Once
Craft Ring A jeweller can create basic, plain rings from any metal type. These rings can later be embellished and set with gemstones. 2 SP Once
Reclaim Along with being able to create pieces of jewellery, a Jeweller can also render them back down into their constituent parts. 2 SP Once
Jewellers Tools Create a set of Jewellers tools, used for further skills. 1 SP Once


Jewellers use a wide range of chisels, gravers, and polishing cloths in order to create the finest cut gems and jewellery.

Jewellers In-Game

Those who play Jewellers enjoy improving on what wealth, function, or fashion there is around them. Either by making opulent goods themselves, or elevating the work of others, Jewellers all have a keen eye for potential value.

Gem cutters, gem polishers, engravers, enamelers, silver smiths, gold smiths, and bankers could all use the Jeweller profession.