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Lauf, a long lived character in the outpost's history, became a staple of the outpost known by most until his untimely death. His notable achievements were the creation of the Jewelry Guild and his personality.

History & Character[edit | edit source]

Lauf was born in Rivend, a small shack located southwest of Urishia port, a bustling hub of seaside trading and transport. Rivend was a derelict place, abandoned by all hope and freedom the First House would promise you. A book, published by Zeb Burnsthewick covered Rivend in a light most accurate to its true colors.

"Rivend, a seaside village without hope. Every traveler who passes through might not believe a village of people resides here, because for all the years the population has survived off poisonous berries and polluted water, not a single home other than one has been built. Originally, the land was marked off for a mansion, but the noble who commissioned it visited the land himself and decided that both metaphorically and literally, no fruit would grow in the wretched town. Even worse a tragedy, if not for the steep cliffs, Rivend would be a port of great prosperity, for thousands of trade ships pass by every month, and the occupants can only watch as their potential wealth and nobility passes them by to Urishia Port only a days travel away. Physically, Rivend is only an hours walk away from a blooming city down by the river, with hundreds of merchants and thousands of jobs, but mentally, Rivend is the furthest place from happiness, wealth, and supplies you can be in the richest country on the continent."

Lauf himself hailed from Rivend, before mysteriously moving away for 2 decades and then appearing again as a new member of the first ship sailing out on Lord Voman's outpost. In the outpost, Lauf was an oddball with a grumpy attitude. He, however, still maintained his courtesy towards most dwarves around him.

In Zietal Mar[edit | edit source]

Lauf arrived in the outpost and didn't make too much impact for most of his time. One of his earlier, greater achievements was the creation of the Jewelry Guild, a small hall with 4 work stations for jewelers to carve and craft rings, necklaces and/or bracelets. In this hall he also spent a lot of time with a Kabol Ubbul, the only other jewelry guild member at the time. There were some rumors regarding a romance between these two, but information remained unknown or unsubstantiated. Lauf also infamously stood up Sigmarr over the creation of the Upper Holding, yelling and berating him in the church for building it, specifically over his home.

Leaving the Outpost[edit | edit source]

Lauf died on January 1st, 2021 during a Grol hunt fighting a bejji alone near their camp.