Lichens and Mosses

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Beech Carpet[edit | edit source]

A thick covering of moss that appears only on a specific type of tree.

Bloodstain Lichen[edit | edit source]

The colour of this lichen combined with its ability to retain water produces a horrific, blood-like slime when squeezed.

Bootlace Lichen[edit | edit source]

Thin, straggly pieces that tend to criss-cross over patches of water-sodden dirt. It can be eaten raw, but tends to get stuck in the teeth.

Caterpillar Moss[edit | edit source]

Appearing as short, thick patches of growth, it is so named due to the resemblance with caterpillars.

Cauliflower Wort[edit | edit source]

A large growth, about the size of a thumb, Cauliflower Wort is edible in its raw state and makes for a nutritious snack.

Clinker Stem[edit | edit source]

Named for its resemblance to the mass of dross that smiths must haul out of their forges. This moss blends into most logs by day, but turns to a dark gray colour at night time.

Dyemaker's Moss[edit | edit source]

A rich, velvety moss that is widely used to produce a bright green colouration. Favourably amongst painters, dye makers and even cooks!

Fishscale Gripper[edit | edit source]

When this moss is dried, it becomes very tough and durable. It is not uncommon to see Human diplomats wearing clothes embellished with this striking decoration.

Flamespot Lichen[edit | edit source]

An enigma in the plant world, no one is sure how or when this moss was first discovered, nor how it is able to grow so close to lava.

Gem Moss[edit | edit source]

With its bright colours and sparkling textures, many miners have been dismayed to find that this is simply a piece of moss.

Greater Lungwort[edit | edit source]

The larger of the lungworts.

Greenshield Lichen[edit | edit source]

This lichen grows as a single, solid mass on many different tree types.

Jungle Mane[edit | edit source]

A rough, shaggy moss that encompasses a huge area on the trees it attaches itself to.

Lacquered Lichen[edit | edit source]

Thick, shiny and waterproof, this is sometimes used to patch up holes in clothing on-the-go.

Lemon Slime Moss[edit | edit source]

A sticky, bright yellow moss. Surprisingly, amazingly flavoursome.

Lesser Lungwort[edit | edit source]

The smaller of the lungworts.

Maze Liverwort[edit | edit source]

Named for the jagged corners and sharp turns that the small, intricate growths sometimes take. It has a mild taste, with a slightly peppery overtone.

Miner's Folly Moss[edit | edit source]

Many miners curse the plant world and this is no exception. Appearing as glittering, yellow streaks running through stone, it's merely a moss, not a vein of gold.

Pleated Hornwort[edit | edit source]

Used extensively in the skirmishes preceding the takeover of Kentlehell, Pleated Hornwort is absorbent and relatively tough, making it an ideal, impromptu bandage.

Rivergrasp[edit | edit source]

Dwarven naturalists have found that some forms of nature can grip and grasp better than anything we can currently make. Rivergrasp is currently the third strongest of such things.

Rock Hat[edit | edit source]

A tiny gray moss, that forms little hat-like shapes. Often attributed to various mythical, underground beings.

Seabed Moss[edit | edit source]

A recent addition to known flora, Seabed Moss was hauled up from a fishing trawler a few generations ago.

Skyclinger Hornwort[edit | edit source]

Found in the wild at great heights, this is a rare addition to any apothecaries supplies.

Troll Beard[edit | edit source]

Notable for its longevity and the sizes it can achieve. The largest known single specimen was the size of a Dwarf!

Violet Treehugger[edit | edit source]

Often called the Violent Treehugger, due to the tiny, needle-sharp spines that grow from it.

Winter Clinger[edit | edit source]

This small plant manages to trap heat very well. Hunters, miners and other travelers through cold climates will often pack their boots with this moss if they can find it.

Winterwort[edit | edit source]

Often confused for snowfall, this pure-white moss can be found on older trees.