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Acorn[edit | edit source]

A smooth, oval nut with a cup-shaped 'hat'.

Almond[edit | edit source]

An edible nut, often used in its ground form for cooking.

Betelnut[edit | edit source]

A bitter nut that isn't exactly edible, but is often chewed.

Brazil Nut[edit | edit source]

Relatively large, with three rounded sides.

Candlenut[edit | edit source]

The large seeds produce an oil which can be used for lighting.

Cashew[edit | edit source]

The cashew nut actually grows on the outside of the cashew tree fruit.

Chestnut[edit | edit source]

Glossy and rather hard, chestnuts are often roasted in large quantities and eaten over the colder seasons.

Coconut[edit | edit source]

About the size of a head, with a thin, wood-like shell. It's very tough to crack open, but you've managed it.

Hazelnut[edit | edit source]

A small, round, hard-shelled nut that can be eaten raw.

Macadamia[edit | edit source]

The edible nut of a particular type of tree.

Peanut[edit | edit source]

Can be eaten raw, roasted, salted or ground into a paste.

Pecan[edit | edit source]

A nut with deep ridges that run down its length.

Pine Nut[edit | edit source]

About the size of a fingernail, these nuts are considered too small to be of any real nutritional value.

Pistachio[edit | edit source]

A pale green nut with a hard shell that must be split open by hand in order to be eaten.

Walnut[edit | edit source]

A large, ridged nut with a tough shell.