PvP Rules

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The following information is Out-Of-Character.

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Summary[edit | edit source]

The following rules are still being written. Any PvP that happens before this will be dealt with in an appropriate manner.

Whilst PvP is a common occurrence within some roleplaying servers, in Dwarves! it is a rare sight.

As character deaths have the potential to be permanent, the need to adopt fair and equal rules for PvP is necessary. Without strict guidelines, many encounters, attacks and deaths get muddled in the wording and a truly fair outcome is needed.

In these rules, the following terms will be used;

'Attacker' - The person instigating the attack.

'Victim' - The person receiving the attack.

'Beating' - A non-lethal outcome of a mechanical death.

'Strike death' - A death as normally treated on the server, depending on what 'strike' the attacker or victim is on.

The Outpost[edit | edit source]

The Outpost, or Outposts if there are multiple, will be no-PvP regions. Any deaths that do occur by 'mechanical' combat will be voided, as long as the victim is within the Outpost. This includes damaging via skills, throwing potions, firing arrows or similar things.

Combat RP[edit | edit source]

The term 'Combat RP' will refer to any fight that is done via emotes, not mechanically. Combat RP to a strike death will not be allowed, as it is too broad to codify. If players wish to undertake Combat RP in terms of wrestling, sparring or other non-lethal forms of combat they may do so, but it shall be up to the participating parties to organise the event.

PvP 'Types'[edit | edit source]

There are two types of PvP encounters; Sudden attacks and Planned attacks.

Any accidental attacks, such as friendly-fire, will count as Sudden attacks.

Sudden Encounters[edit | edit source]

A 'Sudden' attack would be one that occurs spontaneously, usually in response to some kind of action that has just been performed.

A verbal warning must be given by the attacker.

A verbal warning must also be recognised, in some way, by the victim. This too, must be done verbally.

A warning can be acknowledged peacefully, or aggressively, by the victim.

These warnings and acknowledgements must be clear in their intent.

Once a warning is given by the attacker, they should be ready to react to either a peaceful or aggressive acknowledgement.

If these warnings and acknowledgements are vague or non-existent, then the combat situation may be voided.

If a peaceful acknowledgement is given, but combat ensues regardless, the attack lethality will be a beating.

If an aggressive acknowledgement is given and combat ensues, the attack lethality will be a strike death.

If the victim runs away, instead of a proper acknowledgement, the attack lethality will be a strike death.

If the victim logs out, without a proper acknowledgement, it automatically counts as a strike death against them.

If the victim has to log out at that moment, they must IC or OOC let the other player know when they can return. If both parties are still present, the encounter will resume as normal. If it is some time in the future, both parties automatically agree to a Planned encounter to a strike death, at a time and place of their choosing.

If there is any vagueness during a Sudden attack, an IS will make the final call as to a beating or a strike death.

Planned Encounters[edit | edit source]

Example[edit | edit source]

Sudden Encounter[edit | edit source]

Flokk Drebbin has taken his friend, Blot Homen, to see where he is keeping his friendly pet spider. Blot does not like spiders at all and, when Flokk's pet comes to give him a hug, Blot draws his sword. Flokk issues a warning; "Blot, if you hurt my spider, you shall feel my axe!".

Blot, in his panic, stabs and kills the spider. Flokk waits for Blot to make his next move.

Blot can run away and try to make it back to the Outpost in time, where the no-PvP zone will be enforced. In-character, this could be due to the presence of the Molir.

Blot could try to issue a peaceful acknowledgement; "I'm sorry Flokk! I had no choice!". However, he doesn't think that Flokk can be calmed down.

Blot instead, draws his sword and states his acknowledgement; "Very well friend, my life or yours!".

The two now engage in martial combat in the wilderness. Flokk overcomes Blot and strikes him down.

This is Blot's 'third' death, or 'third strike'. He will not survive after this.

Blot is allowed a final, short session of being able to talk to others on his deathbed, this will allow him to quickly wrap up any loose roleplaying ends, or stories, that he may have.

Blot passes into the afterlife and Flokk loses a great friend.