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The Team![edit | edit source]

Server-Smith[edit | edit source]

The Server-Smith is the overarching Owner of Dwarves! and is in charge of maintaining the Server Box and handling Development.

The permanent Server-Smith is Blackquiver

Idea-Smiths[edit | edit source]

Idea-Smiths provide the bulk of Events, and Map-Building for Dwarves! They also participate in development of the Storyline for each Chapter and contribute to World Building.

The current Idea-Smith Team is:

2kelp, Grandie, Numilami, Segellion, IrishTnT

Order-Smiths[edit | edit source]

Order-Smiths provide general moderation and handling of punishments for the Discord and the Minecraft Server, and also contribute to events.

The current Order-Smith Team is:

BuringSoul, Slayer3201

Additional Positions[edit | edit source]

These X-Smiths, while dedicated positions, are not part of the Team! Lest they get ahead of themselves...

Media-Smith[edit | edit source]

Media-Smiths provide Videos, Graphics, and other Media material that Dwarves! may require.

The current Media-Smith Team is:

IrishTnT, MicroMelon

Wiki-Smith[edit | edit source]

Wiki-Smiths are in-charge of maintaining the Wiki! from System Administration, to ensuring pages are in-line with the Wiki! style-guide. Wiki-Smiths also contribute to World Building.

The current Wiki-Smith Team is:

BlackQuiver, Numilami, VenBB, Segellion, IrishTnT, Omri