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Swordsdwarf is a Sub-Class of the Dwarf-At-Arms.


Duellist, swashbuckler, fencer. No matter what you may call yourself, you have dedicated your fighting style to that of the sword and all its variants.

A Swordsdwarf is readily proficient to get in close and viciously stab with daggers, expertly parry and deflect with swords or perform huge arcing swings with claymores.


Name Use Unlock Cost Upgrade #
Brutal Strike Chop your opponent with a brutal close-ranged slash, slowing them and causing a horrific wound that will keep them injured for a short time. 2 SP Thrice
Flurry At close range, unleash a flurry of sword strikes at your opponent. The more skilled you are at this, the more strikes you can perform. 2 SP Thrice
Parry Being able to defend with a sword is as imporant as attacking with it. Use this skill whilst facing a sword wielding opponent to parry and avoid their blows. You will lack some offensive power. 2 SP Once
Puncture Use a dagger to stab your opponent whilst in close-range, ignoring their armor. 2 SP Once
Arc Swing your claymore in a huge, vicious arc, dealing damage to every enemy around you. 3 SP Once
Rush In order to be an effective swordsdwarf, you will have to close the distance between you and your opponent in a very short amount of time. Use this skill to leap at your opponent and do a small amount of damage if you time it right. 1 SP Once
Hamstring Exploit an opening and strike your enemy, whilst in close range, to slow them down. 2 SP Twice


Swordsdwarves In-Game

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