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Every holding has, to a lesser or greater size, its own militia, called molir (pronounced mow-leer) in Dwarven. These militias are under the command (and financing) of the holding's Lord or Lady, and are local dwarves-at-arms and volunteers who undergo training to defend their holding in times of necessity. In the modern day, though, those times of necessity essentially never come. In most holdings, the militia is synonymous with law enforcement, watching for thieves, guarding prisons and investigating crimes. The few holdings that make active use of their militia in a martial context lie on the very far edges of Bormar, where, on the rare occasion, a raiding party is bold enough to attempt to sack a Bormar settlement.

The Insignia / Banner of Zietal Mar Molir.

The Molir in Zietal Mar - Chapter One[edit | edit source]

This section is only relevant to Zietal Mar's Molir, an Outpost in Chapter One.

The Molir in Zietal Mar is somewhat different to traditional militia of Outposts in that it is (or should be) politically separate from the Lord/Lady/Leader, instead managed by the Marshal and directed by its core duties.

(The following information is taken from "The Molir of Zietal Mar" written and proposed by Khestor Thidirlun and approved by Overseer Kadol Ubbul when the Molir was established.) 

The Molir's Duties[edit | edit source]

Its duties, in order of importance:

  • Safeguard the Outpost's general populace from harm.
  • Destroy any threats to the Outpost, both internal and external.
  • Maintain order in the Outpost, usually in its role as law enforcement.
  • Support relevant parties in ensuring the Outpost's wealth is kept safe, such as a Quartermaster.
  • Enact the relevant orders of the Outpost's Leader to allow them to fulfil their policies and wishes.

In any situation where one duty conflicts with another, the higher-ranking one is the duty that the Molir will attend to first.

The Molir's relation in the Political Realm[edit | edit source]

" The Molir here in Zietal Mar is an independent institution which functions to fulfil its duties as outlined prior to this section. It is directly commanded by the Marshal of the Holding but, in line with Duty 5, relays and enacts the wishes of the Outpost's Lord or Lady. When it comes to the Lower Chamber they have no jurisdiction over the Molir, however they may ask the Marshal for advice, opinions or reports on certain matters if necessary. As an entity, the Molir is otherwise to behave as apolitical as possible at all times."

The Structure of the Molir:[edit | edit source]

The force is headed and directly commanded by the Marshal, although they may take the title of Captain - retaining the responsibilities of a Marshal in order to avoid power vacuums if the Molir is not yet well established.

The Ranks within the Molir, in order of authority, are as follows:

  • Marshal of the Molir
  • Captain
  • Soldier
  • Volunteer

The Marshal commands the full Molir and is responsible for organising the force in order for it to meet its duties and ensure that it is capable and effective.

A Captain tends to command a party of up to 4 Soldiers and 2 Volunteers.

A Soldier is a Dwarf-At-Arms who has been trained and accepted into the Molir.

A Volunteer is an ordinary citizen who has signed up to help safeguard the Outpost.