Your First Steps on the Wiki

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The following information is Out-Of-Character.

Unless your character was specifically involved, they do not know about it!

Welcome (once again) to the Dwarves! Wiki, this page will cover:

  • How to set up a Wiki Account
  • Creating your Account Page
  • MediaWiki's system
  • Creating Your First Page

You can jump to all of these with the table of contents.

Used to MediaWiki and it's concepts? Go to A Pedant's Guide to Advanced Wiki Contribution for advanced MediaWiki usage, and our specific style guide!

Creating your Dwarves! Wiki account[edit | edit source]

When looking at the wiki, you are able to see every page, look at and download every file, and more without an account. If you wish to contribute, whether that be edits, new pages, or discussion segments, you will need to create a wiki account. This section will guide you through this process.

This is what you see when you first land at the Dwarves! Wiki, this landing page links you to the many sections of the wiki, but we are looking at the top right of this page:


These two buttons will be vital to the creation, and use of your Dwarves! Wiki account. Clicking on 'Create Account' presents this page:


Notice how your only need to enter a Username and Password to be able to use your Wiki account.

Including an e-mail allows you to recover your account, should you forget your password. While an e-mail is not required, it is advised.

Real Names will be what appears on your account, they are optional.

When creating your account, as the instructions advise, you should use a UNIQUE PASSWORD for the wiki, including an e-mail will make it easier, should you forget this new password.

Creating your Account Page (Optional)[edit | edit source]

Your User Account Page is your 'profile', when looking at wiki contributions, or searching for users, viewers may click on the account name, assuming a profie page is created, it will link there. User Profiles are OPTIONAL, but advised, as viewers of the wiki can see who you are / who you have played.

Some things you might want to include in your account page are:

  • Your Minecraft and Discord names and tags.
  • The characters you have played on the Dwarves! server.
  • What you do on Dwarves! (IdeaSmith, OrderSmith, Wiki! Team, etc.)
  • Some contributions to the wiki you may want to show off.

MediaWiki's System[edit | edit source]

MediaWiki is the same system used by the infamous Wikipedia. This means, if you've ever edited or looked at the source of any of their pages, a nearly identical system is used here!

For our Wiki! we use 'VisualEditor' as our mainstay for page editing, this will allow you to see exactly what the page will look like when it is finished and published. Most of the required templates, text formatting, and image insertion are all available from the top bar of VisualEditor, and VE also has numerous keybinds for navigating more easily, the most useful are:

Shortcut Action
CTRL + B Makes text BOLD
CTRL + I Makes text ITALIC
ALT + SHIFT + S Moves to the Save Changes Menu
CTRL + ENTER Saves the page when in the Saved Changes Menu

Creating Your First Page[edit | edit source]

To create any page, use the "Search the Dwarves! Wiki" search bar at the top right of every page (Including this one!). Simply type in the page you wish to create (Make sure it is with the proper capitals and spelling, etc.) and search.

It will give you an alert that such a page does not exist and will invite you to create it.

When you do the VisualEditor will load up and you can get started!

Some suggestions for a first page:

  • Your Character
  • Your House / Workshop
  • An event you were in
  • A piece of Custom Crafting you have

Or really anything! This Wiki! serves as a crowd-sourced wealth of knowledge on the Dwarves! server, the more you contribute, the more everyone knows!