Zietal Mar's Governance

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Zietal Mar has had multiple systems of governing throughout its history.

Early Days[edit | edit source]

In the first few weeks of the Outpost's existence, where most living spaces were still tents, Zietal Mar lacked any government, leader figure or law enforcement, over time it was deemed that a leader should be elected and Sigmarr Thoruva, Zietal Mar's "Lone Priest" initiated an election, leading to the first Overseer, Kadol Ubbul.

Kadol's Overseership[edit | edit source]

Kadol's Leadership & Notable Policies[edit | edit source]

Having taken leadership at the very beginning of the Outpost's founding, there was not much Kadol was able to concretely establish in law or in writing. Instead, he simply guided the peoples of Zietal Mar in their work and built up the Outpost community. He aided smiths to set up a guild and began discussions with Khestor to start a Molir among other things. At some point the Outpost developed perhaps too fast for Kadol, and he believed he could not lead the Outpost any longer.

Following Kadol's resignation, the power vacuum caused alarm, leading to Ogrona Frontik stepping up to act as interrim Overseer.

Kadol's Government Structure[edit | edit source]

In coordination with Sigmarr, Kadol was elected the first Overseer of the Outpost, supported by a council consisting of a member of the Industry, a member of the Church and the runner-up in the election who would be a check on the Overseer's power, and could ultimately veto laws and all a new election if they deemed necessary.

Ogrona's Overseership[edit | edit source]

Ogrona's Leadership & Notable Policies[edit | edit source]

Ogrona took the reins of outpost leadership straight after Kadol stood down, having put herself forward as an Overseer in a group meeting.

Despite Ogron saying she would hold a new election, the newspaper voiced their displeasure, and she had to reiterate that she is temporary Overseer. A new election was held after a few weeks, the only contestants being Ogrona and Khestor for Overseer.

The election closed with Marshal Khestor securing a landslide majority.

Ogrona's Government Structure[edit | edit source]

Ogrona's temporary government ran under the same structure as Kadol's, albeit without a runner-up in the council.

Khestor's Government[edit | edit source]

Early Days as Overseer[edit | edit source]

Khestor's Reign was instantly kicked off with lots change, he saw this as important as his campaign was led by promising drastic change to lead to "Strength, Stability and Security." Firstly, he consolidated his power by removing the Lower Chamber - and renamed the title of Overseer to Governor. Physically, the Outpost underwent some change too. The Walls were about 3/4 complete at this stage and continued on faster, The Deeptunnel was progressing, so was the slow but steady progress inside of Fort Thidir. Soon after, The Cuckoo also arrived onto the shores of Zietal Mar and so the boat was repatriated and then prepared for reparation by the Government. Whilst there continued to be ongoing minor structural changes to the Outpost and the Fort, most of the change from then on was largely Political, and to do with Legislation / Management of the Outpost.

Reforms of the Government & Notable Policies[edit | edit source]

Politically, the landscape changed quite a fair bit, and drastically. The Outpost came to be run more "Traditionally", as Khestor would've called it. (Edging closer to be similar to Lordships in Holdings rather than elections and votes. It is no secret Khestor was not a big fan of Democracy.) First of all, the renamed title of Overseer to Governor in Khestor's eyes implied more power. He no longer Oversees the outpost, watching from above, he ran it in its entirety - 'Governing'. The Lower Chamber, which used to have the ability to Veto laws, and call elections / oust the Overseer was also abolished immediately. This was replaced with 'Consuls', who were appointed by the Governor to advise them on certain topics - respective of their Office. Each Consul would run an office, and therefore an aspect of Outpost life, on behalf of the Governor. Though this was often seen as a power grab, Khestor defended it as giving the Outpost more responsibility over itself, and delegating power - though ultimately, Consuls could be fired and hired as a Governor wished.

- Consul Offices -

The Tributary Office (Economy)

The Office of Public Affairs (General & Legislation)

The Molir's Office (Military)

- Notable Policies -

  • The Public Contributions Act - Introducing a form of taxation into the Outpost, planned to be used to pay for the Outpost's Molir, as well as Public Infrastructure projects and Festivals.
  • Freedom of Information Act - Allowing Citizens to gain access to any non-classified Government Document by requesting it from the Public Affairs Office.
  • The Official Guilds Act - Incentivising Guilds to work together and with Government through a number of means.

Controversies[edit | edit source]

There was a slight controversy regarding Khestor's Governorship, though few were aware of it. Early on in Grabhol Faulkrunn's arrival to the Outpost, in his bid to become very wealthy and gain power, Grabhol proposed to Khestor that he provide a criminal underworld - which he claimed would exist whether or not Khestor agreed - to boost the wealth and power of both individuals. Grabhol promised to inform Khestor of any possible future crimes and threats, and the underworld would work for him indirectly. Khestor saw this as a way not only to keep the Outpost safe, as he would know who, when, and where crimes would occur, he could also use this underworld for his own good. Though, soon after agreeing to this, and being coerced into murdering Yorbear, Khestor attempted to distance himself from Grabhol, but knew he was wrapped around his thumb, leading to multiple confrontations, and friction between the two grew. Eventually, when Grabhol died and his diaries were revealed, Khestor managed to leverage his relations with Priest Sigmarr and other well-respected individuals to ensure his reputation was not damaged, and the controversy publicly announced to be false. An example of how his relations, political power, and influence kept him cemented as Governor.

The All-Gem and the ruin of Zietal Mar[edit | edit source]

Throughout his time in the Outpost, and more specifically his Reign as Governor, Khestor gathered the majority of Zietal Mar's Lost Pages, and shared the knowledge of them with his close companion and Consul of Public Affairs Gib Andosk. The All-Gem was found by Gib, and together it was brought back to Zietal Mar for safekeeping. In the meantime, it had been found out that Lord Voman had been working with Grol Mercenaries to not only ambush the Outpost from time to time but to retrieve the Gem for himself once more. When it had also been found out that Voman destroyed the previous settlement of dwarves living here, Khestor called Voman a Public enemy and led the Outpost to escaping the isles on The Cuckoo, as it was thought the same would happen to them now that the All-Gem was found - even if Khestor and Gib had fooled the Outpost into thinking it was destroyed.

As the Majority of the dwarves left Zietal Mar, those who stayed fought off hundreds if not thousands of Grol Mercenaries who arrived with a fleet of Black-sailed ships onto the Isles, with their pure purpose to find the All-Gem and destroy Zietal Mar which now for sure lies in ruin.

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The Molir[edit | edit source]

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