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What is Dwarves?
Dwarves! is a minecraft roleplaying community. If you are interested in joining, just head to our Discord and get whitelisted! You can also check out some videos from past events on our Youtube page!
A Letter from Lord Tolbar Maldus...
To those noble Dwarves who have travelled untold distances to found a new outpost, I thank you.
My own state of affairs is now public knowledge, my home lies in ruins and many of my subjects lie dead due to the Grol warlords who have taken advantage of the recent turmoils to fill their own pockets.
But with my final citnings, all my favours called in, I have financed this founding. I have secured passage, ships and resources for you all. I have put my judgement in each of you to provide as best you can for the group as a whole.
A mysterious remnant from my past, a will left by my ancestor, has yielded a parcel of land for me, but it is you who will land there, secure it and make it a new home. My own name will be fleeting, as the Lord who lost it all, but your names will be immortalised as the first Dwarves to settle there in recorded history.
I do not know what Gellion's Cross will hold, so I wish you the best of luck. May the Gods, all of them, be looking over you.
~Tolbar Maldus, Lord of Blashryk & Noble of Bormar

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