Chapter Two

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A complete map of Thornheim.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Human redstoneer and renowned genius, Jolvis Volt, has placed himself in exile due to the events at Genhoven. Though a few years have passed, the whereabouts of Jolvis have been tracked to a remote location known as The Thorn. An Outpost has been quickly declared to be established, in order to find out what has happened to the Human genius and, potentially, what has happened to his works.

Timeline[edit | edit source]

  • ??? - The Genhoven Incident occurs.
  • ??? - Jolvis Volt flees his hometown.
  • ??? - Presumed date of Jolvis' arrival at The Thorn.
  • ??? - The agents of the First House look into the disappearance of Jolvis Volt.
  • 2 Oct, 804 BY - The Outpost is founded.
  • 5 Oct, 804 BY - Stone Trolls emerge from the Hollen.
  • 9 Oct, 804 BY - A blizzard, previously keeping the Dwarves in the Outpost, lifts.
  • 16 Oct, 804 BY - A.D.A.M., one of Jolvis' creations, is found.
  • 23rd Oct, 804 BY - The Dwarves are visited by two Grol hunters - Rentub and Unblig Be Vign.
  • 6th Nov, 804 BY - The first of the devices on the map, the magma rig, is explored and repaired.
  • 7th Nov, 804 BY - The first Council of Thornheim is elected.
  • 21st Nov, 804 BY - The docks begin construction. The Voice of Volt is heard for the first time.
  • 14th Jan, 805 BY - Lillich Termonn arrives at Thornheim, beginning his work.
  • 15th Jan, 805 BY - Ercon leads a group of Dwarves around the region, to catalogue the devices.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Locations Of Interest[edit | edit source]

  • Thornheim -
  • Bol Venturba -

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World Download[edit | edit source]

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