Plugins and Mods

From Dwarves! - Minecraft Roleplaying Server

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Plugins are used in Dwarves! to create bespoke systems, unique and essential to the server's roleplay and immersion, they are all listed and explained here.

There are a small handful of modifications that are not required, but we advise, to enhance immersion within the game.


There are a number of server-side plugins that are not listed here. These plugins are mainly administrative and are not used by the players.


SkillAPI is used to allow classes and skills within Dwarves! Join a profession, level up, unlock skills and much, much more.


Used to create bespoke mobs within the server. Every mob on the server is a 'MythicMob', with custom HP, behaviours, skills and drops.


Brewery is used for the creation of alcohol, potions and other minor things. To learn more about how Brewery works within Dwarves!, check out our Brewery page.


A plugin that allows us to customise the range and actions of various chat functions. From silenced whispers, to alarm bells, to the out-of-character global and province chats.


Allows us to create custom recipes to fit the various extra items we have within the server. A page of custom recipes can be found on our wiki.


Allows us to easily apply custom names and lore to all of our items. This is mostly used within skills, to cut down on the file sizes.


ItemTag allows us to change the tags on items to change their behaviours, such as whether the item is renamable, useable, or uses a command on a right-click.


Allows us to set a region as a mine, customising the amount of blocks that spawn within it and allowing it to reset at certain times in the day, or the week.


RPGInventory gives us an extra interface for equipment, allowing additional space for custom-made rings, necklaces, bracelets, capes, gloves and more!


These are recommended, though NOT required.


Adds animations, HD skins, the ability to change your model dimensions and the ability to change your skin whilst still playing the game. Only other players with MorePlayerModels will see these changes.


Allows you to zoom in, use shaders and is a requirement for the Dwarves! resource pack.