Chapter One

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A complete map of the island.


A few weeks travel from the western coast of Bormar, this strange tri-colour island has had little to no interest shown in it over the long years. However, due to recent discoveries and hints that the fabled All-Gem now rests here, Lord Voman Stoutheart has sponsored a new Outpost to be made, in order to plumb the wealth and riches of this land and to unearth information on the All-Gem's whereabouts.

The outcome of this expedition can be found in The Fate Of Zietal Mar.


  • 100 BY - The Children Of The Mountain steal the All-Gem from Bormar.
  • 100 BY - The All-Gem is secured away in a chamber on the island.
  • Approx. 780-790 BY - Lord Voman Stoutheart theorises the All-Gem is on the island.
  • 793 BY - The Outpost of Youand is established.
  • 795 BY - The Dwarves of Youand find the All-Gem.
  • 797 BY - Lord Voman Stoutheart secretly ships Grol mercenaries onto the island, to harass the Dwarves.
  • 797 BY - Youand is destroyed by an attack and the All-Gem is sealed back away.
  • 800 BY - Zietal Mar is founded.
  • 802 BY - The All-Gem chamber is re-discovered.
  • 803 BY - The All-Gem is found.
  • 803 BY - The Dwarves of Zietal Mar abandon the island.


The island is essentially split into two main landmasses, connected by a narrow strip of land.

The northern portion, known as the Red Hills, is comprised of red rock, flammable materials and bare stone. The area is very mountainous and has little to no foliage or life there, except the populations of Grol that have managed to cling onto this harsh landscape.

The southern portion, known as the Green Forest, comprises of rich, fertile forests and green meadows. The majority of the region is hilly, with a large mountainous area to the south-east. Trees and grasses provide ample food and protection for most native wildlife, including Mar Goats and Trolls.

A swampy region dominates a portion of the western side of the island, with boggy marshes, tall mangrove trees and giant fungi spreading itself over the area.

To the south, the striking Blue Shores - broken-up islands comprised of various minerals and materials all ranging in shades and hues of blue and aqua.

Locations Of Interest

  • Zietal Mar - The current Outpost built by the Dwarves.
  • Fort Thidir - The Stronghold of the Outpost, built into Greencrown Peak.
  • Youand - The former Outpost on the island, now sunken ruins.
  • Bastion - Formerly a Dwarf stronghold, but now inhabited by the Grol.

Natural Landmarks

  • Greencrown Peak - The largest mountain in the region, that dominates from the rough center of the island.
  • Red Hills - The northern section of the island, named for the scarlet colour of the ground.
  • Blue Shores - The southern portion of the island, named for the blue tones of the landmasses there.


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