Chapter One

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A complete map of the island.

A few weeks travel from the western coast of Bormar, a strange tri-color island was of little interest to most of the world. This changed when First Lord Voman Stoutheart theorized that the allegedly mythical All-Gem was to be found somewhere on the island.

To prove his theory, he sponsored a new Outpost to be established on the island in hopes of claiming it for himself. This Outpost was named Zietal Mar by its Dwarven adventurers, and it was here where Chapter One began in earnest.


To the Dwarves of Bormar, there are few legends which promised more than the fabled All-Gem. Once in the hands of Bormar, this mythical gemstone was seen as its symbol of the nation's prosperity and the grand destiny of the Dwarven people.

At some point in the far past, the gem vanished. While there were many wild theories as to who, how, and why, the truth was never discovered, and the All-Gem faded into legend. In recent times, most in Bormar think the stone is nothing more than a story. Though some select few with enough time, power and wealth turn their mind towards the fabled gem and where it may have ended up.

None have had any success, though, until only recently. Lord Voman Stoutheart enjoys some of the most precious things a Noble of Bormar can have in: high public opinion, great reputation, and an even greater wealth. As such, when he began his private search for the stone, he was met with polite dissuasion rather than mocking rebuke. Unknown to all, Voman actually tracked down the gem to a remote island, just a few weeks sailing away from the coast of Bormar.

By the time the Dwarves of Zietal Mar found its remains, Youand had been reduced to a single flooded chamber.

Using his influence and wealth, he sponsored an Outpost to be created on the island. This Outpost was established and given the name Youand.

In the most unlikely circumstances, the Dwarves tracked down the final resting place of the All-Gem. However, upon Voman's request that they deliver it to him, they defied his command, believing it belonged to all Dwarves of Bormar, not a single individual. Defying They withstood attacks from Grol mercenaries hired by the spited Lord and spirited the All-Gem back away to its original hiding spot. Eventually, Youand fell, and its Dwarves perished.

With this tragedy unknown to all but Lord Voman Stoutheart, he began to finance another Outpost on the island with the aim of taking the All-Gem for himself once and for all.

This new Outpost of Zietal Mar, would slowly grow on the island. Over time, the remnants of journals and diaries of Youand's Dwarves would be found. These pages detailed the past discovery of the All-Gem and, through clever deduction and perseverance, it was eventually re-discovered by Gib Andosk. The final chamber that held the All-Gem was littered with the bones of the ancient Dwarves who originally brought it to the island, a small group known as The Children of the Mountain. During this time, it had been found out that Lord Voman had been working with Grol Mercenaries not only ambush

The hidden chamber which held the fabled All-Gem, its size, clarity and range of colour unmatched by any other gemstone or jewel.

Zietal Mar but to retrieve the All-Gem for himself once more. When it had also been found out that Voman had destroyed Youand, Zietal Mar Governor Khestor Thidirlun labeled Lord Voman a public enemy and sought to lead the Dwarves of Zietal Mar in an evacuation using the Outpost's ship, The Cuckoo.

After much discussion and voting, the All-Gem was seemingly destroyed in front of Zietal Mar's Dwarves at the order of Governor Khestor. However, in secret, it was deemed that the All-Gem would be taken to Bormar to be used as evidence against Lord Voman. The Dwarves fled the island before Voman could assault their Outpost and escaped to Bormar. While briefly detained by the forces of the First House, the truth was eventually revealed and Lord Voman's traitorous past was made known to all. The Dwarves of Zietal Mar were set free and a manhunt began for Lord Voman Stoutheart, who is still on the run to this day. The All-Gem now rests in the halls of the First House, a jewel of the nation of Bormar.


1st Century BY

  • ~100 BY - The Children Of The Mountain steal the All-Gem from Bormar and place it in a hidden chamber on the island.

7th Century BY

  • 780 BY - Lord Voman Stoutheart begins theorising that the All-Gem is on the island.
  • 793 BY - The Outpost of Youand is founded to prove Lord Voman's theory.
  • 795 BY - The Dwarves of Youand find the All-Gem but refuse to give it to Lord Voman.
  • 797 BY - Lord Voman Stoutheart secretly ships Grol mercenaries to the island to pressure Youand into giving him the All-Gem.
  • 797 BY - Youand is destroyed by an attack, but not before its Dwarved sealed the All-Gem away in its original chamber.

8th Century BY

  • 800 BY - The Outpost of Zietal Mar is established.
  • 802 BY - The All-Gem chamber is re-discovered.
  • 803 BY - The All-Gem is found.
  • 803 BY - The Dwarves of Zietal Mar abandon the island due to Grol attacks, but are arrested in Bormar on charges of sedition.
  • 803 BY - Lord Voman Stoutheart is declared a traitor of Bormar and goes on the run, the Dwarves of Zietal Mar are freed, and the All-Gem is placed in the First House of Bormar for all Dwarves to enjoy.


The island is essentially split into two main landmasses, connected by a narrow strip of land.

The Red Hills of the North is comprised of red rock, flammable materials and bare stone. The area is very mountainous and has little to no foliage. The only signs of life being the populations of Grol that have managed to cling onto this harsh landscape.

The Green Forest of the South comprises of rich, fertile forests and green meadows. The majority of the region is hilly, with a large mountainous area to the south-east. Trees and grasses provide ample food and protection for native wildlife, including Mar Goats and Trolls.

The Blue Shores are a series of broken islands on the Southern costline. Each is comprised of various minerals and materials raning in shades and hues of blue and aqua.

A festering swamp dominates a portion of the isand's Western side, with boggy marshes, tall mangrove trees and giant fungi spreading itself over the area.

Places of Interest


  • Zietal Mar - The Outpost built by the Dwarves of Chapter One.
  • Youand - The former Outpost on the island, now sunken ruins.
  • Bastion - Formerly a Dwarf stronghold, but now inhabited by the Grol.

Natural Landmarks

  • Greencrown Peak - The largest mountain in the region, that dominates from the rough center of the island.
  • Red Hills - The northern section of the island, named for the scarlet colour of the ground.
  • Blue Shores - The southern portion of the island, named for the blue tones of the landmasses there.


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