Useful Commands

From Dwarves! - Minecraft Roleplaying Server

Our server has a handful of plugins that allow us to do lots of fun things. Many of these things aren't available to the player, but below is a list of commands that are available and useful, or needed, by the player.

Chat Commands[edit | edit source]

  • /range - A list of the chat ranges available. Click them to select them.
  • /silent - The silent chat range.
  • /quiet - The quiet chat range.
  • /local - The local chat range.
  • /yell - The yell chat range.
  • /province - The province chat range. This is out-of-character.
  • /global - The global chat range. This is out-of-character.
  • /emote - The local emote chat range.

Profession Commands[edit | edit source]

  • /class - All the class commands available to you.
  • /class bind - Binds a specific skill to a specific item in your inventory bar.
  • /class cast - Casts a skill.
  • /class profess - Choose your profession.
  • /class skill - See all the skills available to you. You'll have to use this to level up your skills.

Miscellaneous Commands[edit | edit source]

  • /afk - Go afk. Death is permanent, so we don't recommend this.
  • /help - Use this to see all the commands available to you, some may not work despite being visible.
  • /info - A quick bit of information about the server.
  • /kit sign - Gives you a free sign.
  • /list - A list of online players.
  • /motd - The message of the day.
  • /nick - Change your name. You'll need to do this to input your character's name.
  • /realname - Use this to see a players Minecraft username.
  • /rules - A little reminder about the rules.
  • /roll - Rolls dice.
  • /writenote "title" "text" - Used to write a note on a piece of paper