Bormar Calendar

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The Bormar Calendar is the primary source of time-keeping, and day-tracking within Bormar. The Bormar Calendar improved upon the "Ereben Calendar", and had essentially the same inner workings, but with a new, national name. The Bormar Calendar officially started on the 1st of Jantag, Year 0, to consecrate the birth of the nation that would one day unite the Dwarves of the Mar Mountains under one banner.

Under this calendar, years are followed by the abbreviation BY, meaning "Bormar Year".

Calendar Months and Days[edit | edit source]

The Bormar Calendar has split the years' 365 days into twelve months, which are further divided into weeks of seven days, making 52 total weeks. The names of days and months are not officially named by the First House, and are written instead by their number (e.g., the 17th Day of the 3rd Month).

No. Month Length in days
1 Jantag 31
2 Febtag 28 (29 on a Leap Year.)
3 Martag 31
4 Apritag 30
5 Maytag 31
6 Juntag 30
7 Jultag 31
8 Augtag 31
9 Septag 30
10 Octag 31
11 Novtag 30
12 Dectag 31