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A floating city made up of ships, rafts, boats and other floating devices, lashed together with rope and planks. Even though the actual city is nigh-impossible to find, information about it is still found by those who ask. In Bormar, Brandbaar is treated by most as simply a fable.


The true location of Brandbaar isn't marked on any map, most are simply educated guesses. Some believe, due to the nature of its construction, that the entire city, if it can be called that, is able to float away on the tides. Many believe that it lies within the Shattered Coast, but the geography of that region makes exploration and cartography an incredibly tricky affair.


Brandbaar is a massive complex of ships and boats, all lashed and secured together with ropes and moorings. The vast majority of the city is wood and lumber, canvasses and sails, tar and pitch, rope and oakum. The various ships and boats that have now made up this city are often mostly intact, with the insides gutted for resources and parts. These hulls and external parts now make up houses, halls, roads, roofs and every other surface within the city.

Some rare ships, often those of prodigious size or wealth, are sometimes kept completely intact and become the houses of particularly wealthy inhabitants, or the headquarters of powerful factions.



Ships from all over the world can be found in Brandbaar, with sailors from every culture. As these ships travel to and from such diverse places, they end up with many different currencies to hand. Brandbaar will usually accept any and all types of currencies, from the Bormar Belning, the Ariq Tark and even the Adzjab Scrab.


The only known 'official' military that Brandbaar has, is that of the Firekeepers. As most of the construction of the city is of wood, canvass and other flammable materials, such as pitch, the use of fire is strictly enforced, with naked flames being completely outlawed. The Firekeepers not only act as lamplighters, ensuring that the city is lit from a limited amount of very secure lighting, but they will also intervene, violently, if an open flame is spotted.



Notable Residents[edit]


a city completely made up from ships, boats, rafts and other floating devices that are all connected with ropes and walking planks. The city is hard to find and many think of it as a fable, but lucky captains and initiated smugglers know the location of this mysterious place. It's the best place one could sell or buy contraband, relics and gods know what more. This place is inhabited by people who can no longer live on land because they are wanted by law or some other thread.

It has quite some laws on fire and alcohol control, seeing that in the past they have had some issues with those, burning a lot of the wooden ships.

All fire must be small and controlled, obviously watched by a clear mind.

“Fire and booze don’t mix” -Unknown inhabitant of Brandbaar.

History & layout[edit]

It’s unclear when this city (if you can call it that) was founded, but most people think the first ships there were shipwrecked on the reefs thanks to the un-deep waters. In the city centre you can see the more ancient ship designs while around the edges the more recent ship models remain. There is a special area near one of the sides for visitors, so that their vessels don’t become part of the city while they are there to trade.

Lore that mentions or is about the city.[edit]

“Truly this is a most fascinating place, a city made from boats floating on the ocean.

There are so many different people here, I have seen Dwarfs, Humans and even Grols! One could find anything here, anything but a good drink that is…

But that is just a minor inconvenience as we will only be here shortly, this place is filled with pirates, smugglers and other sea ferring entities. It’s making me nervous, but it’s the only place I might find what I need.” (A passage from Har’s journal)