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While anyone can pick up a weapon and fight, through hard-won skills Dwarf-At-Arms are the unchallenged experts of martial combat; soldiers, bodyguards, mercenaries, and wandering warriors.

Most are oath-bound to protect their charges, be it their leader, company, or whole Outpost.


Name Use Unlock Cost Upgrade #
Field Rations Your next proper meal may be some days away. By slowly nibbling on a piece of food, you can make it last a lot longer. 2 SP Once
Advance Novices may rush in where an experienced Dwarf-At-Arms will slowly, but surely march. Slow yourself down in order to resist some damage. 1 SP Thrice
Shield Bash Rush to your opponent and slam into them at full force, knocking them back a short distance. 2 SP Once
Shieldbearer Your extensive training in the use of sheilds has paid off. You will be able to withstand more damage simply by having your shield on you. 2 SP Once
Tempered Long hours of training and combat have given you the ability to endure more damage than most. 2 SP Twice
Guardian Stance By protecting others, sometimes you must sacrifice offensive capabilities. 2 SP Thrice
Shield Wall Guardians can provide protection to nearby allies. If another Guardian is nearby, that protection increases. 3 SP Once

Weapons / Proficiencies

The more experienced Dwarf-At-Arms will tend to specialize in a specific weapon. While each specialist claims superiority, the Hammerer, Axedwarf, or Swordsdwarf each have techniques of their own that make them all certain forces of destruction on the battlefield.

Dwarves-At-Arms In-Game

Most outposts, towns, and settlements will usually have their own Molir, which is a militia or standing military. Many DAA's become steadfast parts of their town's Molir.

Generally speaking, Dwarves-At-Arms are protectors and are focused on guarding and defense, whether for a single Dwarf or an entire Outpost.