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Since the first contact with the Grol, the Dwarves of Bormar have tried to establish a lexicon of words, phrases and such, so that they might come to fully understand one another one day. This has turned out to be an incredibly difficult ordeal due to most Grol living in central Bormar not being fluent in the language and the geographical remoteness of Grol societies, their mistrust to strangers and their general privacy. However, over the generations, scholars and traders have slowly established a short list of the language of the Grol.


Definition Pronunciation
Aun One (1) awn
Ku Two (2) coo
Tul Three (3) tool
Ne Four (4) nee
Net Five (5) net
Grut Many groot
Definition Pronunciation Example
-ji Suffix denoting a person jhee Morr-ji = A big person
-ti Suffix denoting a thing or object tee Morr-ti = A big thing
-te Suffix for groups of people, animals, or things teh Dubir-te = A group of brothers
-t Suffix denoting something as singular t as in "part" Barr-t = One bear
-en Suffix denoting something as plural enn Barr-en = Multiple bears
-a Suffix denoting "one who does" ah Urk-a = One who thinks
-oln Suffix denoting "one who makes" ohln Per-oln = One who makes salves
-ak Suffix denoting great injury, pain, or brokenness aek Pel-ak = A broken heart
-ek Suffix denoting great respect eek Luntir-ek = A great story or poem
-ab Suffix to show belonging to someone or something ahb Hoggen-ab eehd = Hog's food
d- Prefix denoting "to go" or "to do" de D-Bormar = To go to Bormar
ap- Prefix denoting "of" app Ap-Bormar = Of Bormar
Simple Words
Definition Pronunciation
Orli A casual greeting or farewell or-lee
Ag Yes ag
Nag No nag
Dhi The dee
Ees Is and/or it ees
E And eh
Ter With tur
An A an
En In ehn
M-ji Me mi-jee
Tu You too
S-ji She sh-jee
H-ji He hih-jee
Qur We kur
Definition Pronunciation
Ajara A derogatory term for a Dwarf a-ja-
Bormarji A word for Dwarf, literally "Bormar person" Bor-mar-jee
Grol The Grol race grole
Aan A name ahn
Bot A young or youthful person bot as in "cot"
Botleen An adolescent or teenager bot-lean
Basta A thick alcoholic beverage made from gourds and/or cactus bah-stah
Eehd Food eed
Dubir A brother doo-beer
Dufir A sister doo-fear
Ar-Bu The Grol god of strength, martial prowess, literally "Great Strong" are-boo
Gor-Oibr The Grol god of hardship and toil, literally "Good Laborer" gore-ub-bur
Morr-Pel The Grol god of harmony and kinship, literally "Big Heart" more-pell
Ur-Pepam The Grol god of order and spiritualism, literally "First Priest" err-pep-ahm
Fynir General word from alcohol, a loan of the Old Dwarven "Fynnir" fin-ear
Ur Word meaning first or the first err as in burn
Ka The mind kah
Pel The heart pehl
Lig A leg lig similar to lid
Oibr A worker or laborer ub-bur
Urka The title of a great thinker or inventor ur-kah
Pepam The title of a priest pehp-ahm
Wurlv A wolf wirlv
Baar A bear bar
Borr A boar bore
Hoggen A hog hog-en
Vek A vekhorn vehk
Tomal A metal toe-mall
Gruqui The ground grew-quee
Lahir A written book lah-hear
Luntir A story, poem, or rhyme that is spoken rather than written lun-tear
Gommiq A gem or gemstone go-meek
Stobej A melee weapon or a tool used to breach things, literally "strike to break" stow-bedge
Tolt A stick, twig, or small piece of wood toelt
Toltpult A bow, literally a "stick thrower" toelt-poolt
Polk Skin or a skin poelk
Kupolk Armor or clothing, literally "second skin" coo-poelk
Moqu The morning or daytime moe-coo
Nuqi The evening or night new-key
Stola The moon stoe-lah
Argruqui The planet, literally "Great Ground" are-grew-key
Urba A general term for a room, hut, or small house err-bah
Definition Pronunciation
Bej To break bedge
Apar To die ah-par
Apar-ak To die painfully ah-par-ack
Aqqu Do not ah-koo
Brea To strongly like or love bree-ah
Fua To strongly dislike or hate foo-ah
Romu To fight rom-oo
Sto To strike stoe
Kra To use krah
Grungern Empty in the mind, body, or soul grun-gern
Polto Full in the mind, body, or soul pole-toe
Imit To give permission im-it
Edish To feed/eat eh-deesh
Poten To drink poe-ten
Pult To throw puhlt
Pepu To teach peh-poo
Amu To believe ah-moo
Canao To sing can-ow
Abaga To travel ah-bah-gah
Juntu To discover jun-too
Sleppen To sleep sleh-pen
Urk To think erk
Bargah To blame or complain bar-gah
Enduqiah To compare en-doo-quee-ah
Definition Pronunciation
Skorj'al A title meaning "the best in" score-jhahll
Gor Nice or good gore
Bu Strong, heavy, or dense boo
Nagbu Weak, brittle, or light nahg-boo
Ar Prefix meaning great or best are
Morr Big more
Byugg Small bee-yug
Gak Every gack
Rosoon Red roe-soon
Cyart Blue see-yart
Lannirt Yellow lan-nert
Lorme Green lorm
Example Sentences
Example Translation Literal Translation
Orli, m-ji-aan ees Ving Legaan. Hello, my name is Ving Legaan. Hello, me-name is Ving Legaan.
Aqqu romu, Ajara-t! Do not fight, Dwarf! Do not fight, single-Dwarf!
S-ji-fua dhi Bormar-ji-en. She hates the Dwarves. She-hate the person(s) of Bormar.
H-ji-brea Ar-bu, h-ji ur h-ji ees dhi ar! He loves Ar-bu, he thinks he is the greatest! He love Great Strong, he thinks he is the great/best!
H-je ees an fynir-sto-ji! He is a drunk! He is a alcohol-afflicted-person!
H-ji-imit d-dhi hoggen d-edish. He allows the hog to eat. He give permission to the hog to feed.
S-ji-enduqiah dhi stola d-an gommiq. She compares the moon to a gem. She compare the moon to a gem.
Ar-bu ees dhi argruqui-oln Ar-bu is the world creator Great Strong is the great ground maker.