Hulud Research Complex Notes

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Hulud Research Complex Notes
Written~804 BY
AuthorTibTam Tinkerton

This collection of notebooks is penned by TibTam Tinkerton, a human researcher working under the redstoneer Jolvis Volt. In these pages, TibTam chronicles his and his team's efforts in researching the massive hulud sand worm out of a research complex located below the desert lightning tower of the Thorn.

Notebook #1[edit | edit source]

Day 78:[edit | edit source]

It has been two months since the lab has been completed, but those upstairs are still busy building the lightning tower. We can’t even safely secure a sample without that powering us.

Day 105:[edit | edit source]

Finally, after all this time we could power up the lab. Lights were tested, and the VibroPiston was finally calibrated. We have prepared the entryway and can very soon lure one in.

Day 110:[edit | edit source]

Finally! After all this time, a sample is secured within the walls of the lab! Now we can test its response to vibration frequencies, and hopefully discern a pattern.

Notebook #2[edit | edit source]

Day 120:[edit | edit source]

After many arguments, we’ve created a system to write down each of the patterns. We’ve labeled each of the mini-patterns with a number, and can now write it down easily. For example: “1331”.

Day 123:[edit | edit source]

We’ve narrowed down the amount of total patterns a lot. We will now only have 4 sets of 3 mini-patterns, that is 64 total testable combinations.

Day 140:[edit | edit source]

I’m making an executive decision right now, do NOT use 1121, when we did this, it went HAYWIRE and decided to attack the observation window. We’ve thickened it to 2 metres, but 1121 is forbidden while testing.

Notebook #3[edit | edit source]

The interior of the Hulud Research Complex

Preface:[edit | edit source]

This notebook contains all the patterns we’ve discovered, and what they do.

A reminder to NOT use 1121 under ANY circumstances.

1111 – No response

1121 – Violent Frenzy

1311 – Tired

3131 – Tired

1313 – Relaxed

3313 – “Hunting mode”

2112 – Fearful

2222 – Aggressive

1221 – Moves in a straight line

2211 – Stops

1331 – Comes to surface

2212 – Flee

ADDENDUM:[edit | edit source]

Some of these stop working when the sample is in a frenzy.

When doing “Field Testing”, ensure that you carry the HULUDRUMS for pattern testing.

Notebook #4[edit | edit source]

Day 210:[edit | edit source]

We’ve made extensive progress, and are now fitting in a new set of beats to allow a 5-beat pattern. They think that will give us better control of the sample.

Day 215:[edit | edit source]


The chamber is ruined, we have to cancel the experiments, they’re too dangerous. The other labs caved in, we’re digging our way out now.

Day 246:[edit | edit source]

If anyone ever uncovers this hallowed ground again, listen to me. You can never, EVER turn on the power to this place, even the faint vibrations will set the Hulud around you into a frenzy, and the VibroPiston would make them go even more insane. Just run, you need to leave.

I wish you the best of luck.