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Hunters occupy the thin line between civilization and the wilderness, where few others dare to live, specializing in survival in the wild far reaches of the Bormar region, and understanding the animals and beasts that inhabit it.


Name Use Unlock Cost Upgrade #
Surveyor With a scrap of paper and a few blobs of ink, a seasoned Hunter can put together a rudimentary map that will usually suffice for finding their way through the terrain. 2 SP Once
Fletching Carrying large amounts of arrows is cumbersome work. Experienced hunters will be able to make arrows on the go. The better the fletcher, the more arrows they will be able to make at a time. 2 SP Thrice
Bowyer Strings snap and wood splinters. Over time your trusty bow will need to be restrung and repaired. With the right materials, skilled bowyers will be able to repair bows and crossbows wherever they map find themselves. 2 SP Twice
Tanner The skin, scales, hide or fur of many beasts and other creatures can often be turned into usable leather by a skilled tanner or leatherworker. Use this skill to convert three pieces of hide of a creature into a single piece of unique leather. Some hides are more difficult to work than others. 1 SP Thrice
Stitch Leather can tear, rip, and rot. To keep it in top condition it must be periodically repaired. 3 SP Once
Camouflage By applying various dyes, a Hunter can blend right into the environment. Make sure you use the correct colour dyes for the block you are standing on. Once in combat, the effect will wear off. 3 SP Thrice
Hunters Tools Create a set of Hunters tools, used for further skills. 2 SP Once


Hunters often carry a small satchel of rudimentary tools for leatherwork, bow repair, whittling and other necessary tasks. With the required items in your inventory, create a set of Hunters Tools to use for other skills.

Custom Crafting

Skilled in the ways of beasts and how to put every part of the animal to good use. Prepare hides to turn into leather armours, carve tokens and scrimshawed trinkets.

Hunters In-Game

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