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Hunters occupy the thin line between civilization and the wilderness, where few others dare to live, specializing in survival in the wild far reaches of Bormar, and understanding the animals and beasts that inhabit it.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Skill Icon Name Description Total Levels Skill Point Cost Per Level Skill Point Scaling Cost Per Level Total Skill Points Required For Max Level
Bowyer Hunters can use various materials to make stronger bow parts used to create stronger bows. They can also use various materials to repair bows. 2 1 SP 1 SP 3 SP
Camouflage By applying various dyes, a Hunter can blend right into the environment. Make sure you use the correct colour dyes for the block you are standing on. Once in combat, the effect will wear off. 3 3 SP N/A 9 SP
Click Combos By pressing a three-button combination of the left and right mouse buttons; R-R-R, R-L-R, R-R-L, you can perform special attacks with any type of weapon. 0 0 SP N/A 0 SP
Click Combos - Hunter By pressing a three-button combination of the left mouse button; L-L-L, you can perform special attacks with bows or crossbows. Normal bows will require a Dragon Arrow to use their special attack. 0 0 SP N/A 0 SP
Custom Crafting After a character has used a certain number of skill points, they will be given the option to unlock this skill. This will allow them to use a Custom Crafting 'token', in return for a custom-made item. 1 1 SP N/A 1 SP
Fletching Hunters can turn various materials into sturdier bowstrings used to make stronger bows. They can also make more arrows than non-Hunters. 3 1 SP N/A 3 SP
Forage There are hundreds of types of fruits, vegetables, nuts, spices, herbs and other flora in the world. Use this skill to harvest unique drops, based on the block you are standing on, or in, and the biome you are in. 5 1 SP 2 SP 25 SP
Hunters Tools This skill creates a set of hunters tools, which are required for other skills to be used. 1 2 SP N/A 2 SP
Level Up This skill gives the character an extra skill point, after a long cooldown. 0 0 SP N/A 0 SP
Slaughter Hunters can turn carcasses of animals into small amount of meat and extra drops, such as bones or scales. Higher levels of this skill will yield more results. 3 1 SP 2 SP 9 SP
Surveyor With a scrap of paper and a few blobs of ink, a seasoned Hunter can put together a rudimentary map that will usually suffice for finding their way through the terrain. They can also use their Hunters Tools to see if there are any creatures nearby. 1 1 SP N/A 1 SP
Tanner The skin, scales, hide or fur of many beasts and other creatures can often be turned into usable leather by a skilled tanner or leatherworker. Use this skill to convert three pieces of hide of a creature into a single piece of unique leather. Some hides are more difficult to work than others. 3 1 SP N/A 3 SP

Tools And Equipment[edit | edit source]

Hunters will usually travel into the wilderness with a varied assortment of items. Some may wish to go with the bare minimum and craft what they need whilst they are out, others will carry a wide variety of weapons and tools, to assist them no matter what problem should arise.

A good stock of arrows, plenty of food and a decent bow, is usually all that a Hunter will need to see themselves through any journey.

When in the wilds, a Hunter may have small shacks or hide-aways that they have constructed. These are usually built from local materials, to help blend in and are rarely large enough for more than one at a time. Similarly, they are usually very bare, with little or no ornamentation to them. Their location is usually a well-kept secret.

Groups of Hunters, especially those within particularly dangerous locales or areas with a lot of untamed wilderness around them, may band together. In these cases, larger buildings or lodges will usually be made so that the Hunters have a singular place to operate from.

Hunters may wish to create small maps of areas that they know are rich in wildlife.

Hunters In-Game[edit | edit source]

Often preferring to spend their times in the dense forests, icy tundras, arid plains and other harsh environments outside of the normal settlements, Hunters can often be quite solitary characters. Their time with the main settlements may be brief, but they provide a valuable service of ridding the nearby area of dangerous wildlife, or worse.

Some Hunters may choose to act as guides for expeditions or hunting trips and earn a modest living that way.