Old Dwarven

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Old Dwarven refers to the language of ancient Dwarves. Despite Common Dwarven being the dominant language of Bormar, several words of ancient tongue are still used today. For example, it is custom for Dwarven settlements and holdings to be named in Old Dwarven, although that is not a hard rule. Additionally, several words have simply continued to be used in daily life, such as molir.

Lexicon[edit | edit source]

Definition Pronunciation
On One ahn
Bon Two bahn
Ton Three tahn
Kon Four kahn
Tel Five tell
Bel Six bell
Kel Seven kell
Nel Eight nell
Definition Pronunciation Example
-d or -ad Suffix sometimes used to denote something as plural ahd Yankad = Elders
-dais Suffix meaning "Land" or "Land of" dice Thorndais = "Thorn Land"
Definition Pronunciation
Fynnir A general term for any and all types of alcohol fin-near
Krat A piece, typically a part of a set crat
Mar The concentric mountain range of the Dwarven homeland mar
Molir Dwarven militia/police force mow-leer
Lyk A finger lick
Bohr A swamp bore
Tulka A young and inexperienced Dwarf toll-kah
Yanka A Dwarven elder yon-kah
Belben A goat bell-ben
Welka A deeptunnel, the Dwarven burial shafts well-kah
Dyrekir A drake dire-keer
Definition Pronunciation
Zietal New or little, sometimes "daughter of" zehtle
Yanka Old, wise, or experienced yon-kah
Tulka Young, immature, or underdeveloped toll-kah
Skel Dead or deathly skell