Outpost Ranking System

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The Basics

Outposts in Bormar are in a unique position, thus in order to catalog them, this system has been decided to assign 'ranks' to the Outposts and ensuring that the appropriate ones get the benefits they deserve.

Higher ranks will give your Outpost more prestige and liberties. Once a rank has been attained, it cannot be lost, no matter any censures or penalties you might face.

You will be limited in what you are allowed to build. The leader(s) of the Outpost are ultimately responsible for ensuring that this system is followed. If not, there will be penalties.

Each Outpost rank has a list of requirements that must be met in order to ascend to the next rank.

When your tributes are picked up, the Outpost will be quickly assessed and requirements will be checked off by Bormar officials.

If there are breaches of or at that time, then the penalties will be applied. Discovery of illegal constructions will result in severe punishments.

Rank 0

Technically a placeholder, this rank establishes the Outpost on the Rank System.


There are no requirements for this rank.

Tents, campfires, a wooden fence perimeter and a temporary crypt will be the only things allowed, and also the requirements for the next rank. You are allowed a border of 100x100 blocks.

Rank 1

Dwarves must prove that they can survive in their new Outpost location with no external assistance from the Office for Outpost Affairs.


Each Dwarf must have their own tent. There must be a suitable amount of campfires for the Dwarves living there. A wooden fence perimeter must have been built.


A boundary extension will be given. Upon attaining this rank, all building restrictions will lift. However, any requirements for further ranks must still be met in order to advance to the next rank.

The Office for Outpost Affairs does not allow building outside of the perimeter, unless specified.

Rank 2

The Outpost must now prove to the Office for Outpost Affairs that it can be productive.


Each Dwarf living in the Outpost must have living quarters with at least a bed, a table, a chair, a storage chest, and be at least 3x3 in size.

There must be a workplace for every profession represented in the Outpost.

The Outpost must have a defensive infrastructure protecting its people, such as a wall, a dedicated hiding place, a watchtower, or a gate.

A mine must be begun and its entrance suitably shored up.

A wealth total of 500 points must be shown in the Outpost.

The last 2 Tributes must be met. These must be after the previous rank was attained.


A further boundary extension will be given.

The Outpost will be allowed to be officially named.