Brewery Plugin

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The Brewery plugin allows players to brew different ingredients into a huge amount of further products. Alcohols of all types, base potions for Apothecaries, boiled vegetables, jams, syrups and other herbal supplements can all be created. In order to get a finished product, a number of stages must be utilised.

Some products may be finished after the first stage; fermenting (or boiling), whilst others require every single stage in order to be fully created.

The qualities of drinks can be refined, and after drinking an alcoholic beverage players can even find themselves staggering, stumbling, finding talking more difficult and a handful of other effects.

Alcohol & Drinks

Brewery Stages

Each brew has its own unique recipe. They will all differ from each other in some way, whether it be the ingredients they use, the amounts of those ingredients, the boiling time, the distilling time or the aging time. Some recipes are harder to perfect than others and by being slightly off with one stage, you will render the final result sub-par.

Some brews will not use all of these stages, but it is advised that you write down your progress, in-character, regardless.

During various stages of the brewing process, the product will have the various criteria in different colours; green, yellow, orange and red. Red means you are far away from the specified value within the recipe, with green being spot-on, or near enough to not matter. Some recipes will forgive you for not using the right amounts of ingredients, whereas others will punish you for skipping even a minute of boiling time. It is advised to do these stages in batches when trying to uncover the perfect product from a recipe and to do them in small increments.


A water-filled cauldron, brimming with ingredients.

By boiling the items within a cauldron, they are prepared for the rest of the brewery process.

The types of ingredients, the amounts of those ingredients and the boiling time will be taken into account in the final end product.

This is the very first step for any recipe and must be completed in order to progress with any recipe:

  • Place a cauldron over a fire or other heat source.
  • Fill it with a bucket of water.
  • Add your ingredients by holding them in your off-hand and right-clicking on the cauldron.
  • Wait at least two minutes while they ferment. You can right-click the cauldron with a clock at this point, to get an exact time.
  • Use glass bottles on the cauldron to retrieve the brew. You may get three bottles out of a single cauldron.


A number of brewing stands with bottles.

Brewing stands are used in distilling and can be made with one of our custom recipes.

Distilling renders the boiled ingredients to a more potent form.

Not all recipes require distilling, though it is usually the next logical step when trying to perfect a recipe.

  • Create a brewery stand.
  • Place a piece of glowstone dust into the top slot, to act as a filter. The glowstone will not be consumed.
  • Place up to three bottles at a time into the stand.
  • Wait for the distilling runs to complete.
  • Alcohol will automatically stop distilling once it has reached the amount of runs needed in the 'perfect' recipe.


A small, wooden barrel.
A large, wooden barrel.

Aging is done within wooden barrels, which are multi-block structures allowed by the plugin.

Placing bottles in barrels and leave them to age them for certain times. The type of wood used to build the barrels is a factor in the recipe.

Not all recipes require aging, though it is sensible to try it regardless.

  • Build a small or large barrel, as seen in the pictures on the left.
  • Right-click on the barrel once it is complete.
  • Place your desired drinks into the barrel and wait.
  • Check periodically on the contents to see if they've aged to perfection.

Known Recipes

Below are a list of available drinks that can be made within the Brewery plugin. Please note that only the ingredients for these drinks have been given. Brewing time, aging time, barrel type, distilling runs and distilling time, if any, have been ommitted.

Picture Name Description Ingredient(s) Picture Name Description Ingredient(s)
Tequila A spicy spirit distilled from a type of cactus. Agave Tequila A distilled, golden spirit made from rendered down agave. Agave Powder
Pulque A sour, viscous alcohol made from mashed agave. Agave Powder Perry A type of alcohol made from fermented pears. Pears
Tea Stewed tea leaves make this classic hot drink. Tea Leaf Powder, Milk Kirsch A clear, bitter alcohol served as a digestif. Cherries
Rosewater Usually used as a perfume, but potable if needed. Roses Coffee An energising drink, best served hot. Coffee Beans, Milk
Ginger Ale A spicy ale that tickles your tongue. Ginger, Sugar Ginger Beer A heavily spiced drink that burns your tongue. Ginger
Ginger Wine A rich wine made from pulverised ginger. Ginger Powder Sloe Gin A traditional gin made from a specific type of berry. Sloe Berry, Sugar
Gin A herbal liquor with an astounding variety of floral notes. Juniper Berry, Wheat Cider Made from pressed apples and consumed in huge quantities across the world. Apple
Calvados A rich brandy that takes a long time to create. Apple Applejack A type of cider that is fortified by chilling to freezing temperatures. Apple, Ice
Bitter Ale A pleasantly bitter drink, often the staple in taverns and pubs. Wheat Brown Ale A strong, heady ale. Buckwheat Powder
Cask Ale Maturing in a cask gives this ale a well-rounded flavour. Wheat Mild Ale Relatively mellow, a popular choice for younger drinkers. Barley Powder
Old Ale The full flavours of barley and barrel come together in this ale. Barley Pale Ale A weak ale, perfect for quenching thirsts rather than getting drunk. Barley Powder
Porter Beer A dark, fruity beer with a deep, rich colour. Oat Powder Stout A thick, creamy beer that is almost a meal in itself. Oats
Lager A classic drink that is best served cold. Wheat Powder Rye Beer Slightly grainy and slightly spicy. Rye
Hot Chocolate Perfect for cold nights around a camp fire. Cocoa Beans, Milk Boukha A drink made from distilled figs, originating in the Ariq. Figs
Souma A common drink in some Human island cultures. Grape Powder, Fig Powder Metapsima A thick, sweetened liquor. Grape Powder, Fig Powder, Sugar Cane
Light Rum A clear, lightly-flavoured rum. Sugarcane Dark Rum A strong, luxurious rum. Sugar Cane
Amber Rum A delicious, golden-coloured rum. Sugar Cane Spiced Rum A slightly spicy rum. Sugar Cane, Cinnamon
Red Wine A rich, deep red wine. Grapes White Wine A dry, crisp white wine. Grape Powder
Rosé Wine Less rich than red wine, but more rounded than white wine. Grapes Brandy An expensive tipple, distilled from large amounts of grapes. Grapes, Grape Powder
Cognac A type of brandy, but so peerless it needs its own name. Grapes, Grape Powder Mead An ancient drink that is quite sweet. Sugar
Kvass A hearty, warming drink common in colder climates. Rye Powder Vodka A distinctive spirit. Potato
Moonshine Usually made where alcohol is looked upon with disdain. Corn Whiskey A rich, nuanced spirit. Wheat