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28 April 2023

  • curprev 15:4015:40, 28 April 2023Omri talk contribs 1,515 bytes +1,515 Created page with "<span class="plainlinks nourlexpansion"><!-- -->{{{1|Example}}} <!-- --><span style="font-size:85%; {{{liststyle|}}}">(<span style="background:#dbffdb;"><!-- -->[[:Template:{{{1|Example}}}/{{{sandboxname|sandbox}}}|/sbox]]<!-- --> [{{fullurl:Template:{{ucfirst:{{{1|Example}}}}}/{{{sandboxname|sandbox}}}|action=edit}} edit]<!-- --> {{Compare pages|1=Template:{{{1|Example}}} |2=Template:{{{1|Example}}}/{{{sandboxname|sandbox}}}|label=diff}}<!-- --> Template:{{{1|Exa..."