Wiki Style Guide

From Dwarves! - Minecraft Roleplaying Server

A Wiki style guide will be necessary for ensuring that the Dwarves! Wiki maintains some consistency across all of its content. Editors will essentially be able to write the pages how they please, but there are a number of standards that we like to enforce. If you are unsure of how to format your pages, take a look here, or at some example pages first.


All articles must be written in English, save for any specific content written in another races language, a cipher, or similar.

Capitalisation on proper nouns must be used.

Character pages must be written in the past tense.


The first reference to any other page should be turned into a link. This includes templates.

All links must be in bold.


Each page will have a suitable template from the list below;

  • DocumentInfobox
  • FaunaInfobox

(To Be Completed)


Each page will have suitable templates from the list below;

  • Afflictions
  • Chapters
  • Characters
  • Fauna
  • Flora
  • Folklore
  • Languages
  • Notable Figures
  • Notable Items
  • Organisations
  • Places Of Interest
  • Professions
  • Publications
  • World Mechanics


Each main category for a page will have a number of specific headers to use, in order to get as much information down in easy-to-read chunks. If any sections are particularly wordy or lengthy, they may necessitate their own page.

Not all of these headers have to be used if there is nothing to include within them.

  • Afflictions; History, Symptoms And Effects, Cures And Treatments, Gallery.
  • Characters; Home And Family, History, In The Outpost, Later Life, Notable Belongings, Notable Creations, Gallery.
  • Flora; Properties And Uses, List Of Items.
  • Folklore; All text in italics, author name at the bottom.
  • Notable Items; Appearance, Creation, History, Gallery.
  • Places Of Interest; Location, Appearance, Government, Economy, Military, Religion, Timeline, Notable Residents, Notable Landmarks, Gallery.
  • Professions; Summary, Skills, Tools And Equipment, [Profession] In-Game.
  • Publications; All text in italics, author name at the bottom.