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Map of Yeldamor.

File:Province Of Yeldamor.jpg
A map of Yeldamor.

A Brief Description Of The Lands Of Yeldamor.

Yeldamor is often hailed both by it's inhabitants and foreign visitors as one of the most aesthetically pleasing places in he world. Crystalline water-falls crashing into glittering pools of water, impossibly large redwood forests and vast grassy-plains milling throughout the landscape have earnt Yeldamor it's renown and fame. The Kinvard river stretches from the western Koreggi mountainrange to the southern coastline. This river was the main source of trade and commerce between the different tribes inhabiting the Western lands, and wars were almost constantly fought over important trade-settlements along the riverbank until the City-State of Soyrum unleashed it's dreaded warhosts upon the Western Reach, wholly subjugating those lands and building the Rumian Palisade- a series of intricate fortifications built along the riverbank to keep out any potential enemies, stop any attempts from their vassal-tribes to migrate out of their territory and to protect Soyrumian trade interests with their colony to the south.

The Grand Cities Of Turen.

A potential rival looked upon warily by the Rumians: The Grand Cities of Turen. Originally a Bormarian encampment, now a trade metropolis, the cities of Turen are practically bursting with foreign goods, rich smells of local food and the tinkling pockets of tourists. Despite the land being bare of useful resources, the settlers of Turen have managed to prove their worth through their shrewdness both in diplomatic and economic matters, producing goods where none exist, inviting local tribes a safe-haven for trade and assuring their own safety with a thick web of alliances and trade deals. Many a wealthy persons have found themselves convinced into purchasing a new holiday home on the mountainsides, overlooking the cities and their bustling trade centres, the glistening waters of lake Olunm still clear due to strict cleaning and litter policies.

The Domain Of Ulrib.

To the south lay the domain of Ulrib, warlord of the Luniom lake and it's surrounding lands. Ulrib in his early years managed to wrench complete control of the radical clergy from it's leaders, gain respect from the previously hostile chieftains and form a sort of kingdom of his own, in the span of around 7 years.