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A map of Alryne.

Alryne is located on the northern edge of the Covernmar Basin, and known for the quality its fabrics and the weaving industry it hosts. Alryne is an economical hub, with merchant and travelling caravans stopping regularly.

The Alrynians are known for their unique 'sing-song' accent, differing vastly from other towns within the region.

Alryne has one of the largest populations in the region.


Alryne is located on the outskirts of Bormar in the Covernmar Basin, a distance from the peaks of the Mar Mountains. The basin provides Alryne with a large amount of fresh water and fish from its lake, which is also surrounded by many other towns. The entire basin has rich and fertile grasslands allowing strong agricultural sectors.


Alryne's building style follows that of the rest of Bormar, rough stone facades of houses with some timber supports, with standard cobbled streets. Unlike the rest of Bormar, Alryne's design-style is rich with vibrant fabrics and textiles.

The White Palace contrasts the rest of Alryne, being of marble and white stone construction. It sits atop a hill on the eastern side of the town and can look out beyond Alryne to the other side of the Basin.


During Alryne's inception, the town was lead by a small council-like group of Dwarves. Corruption and impotence lead to a Lord taking claim of Alryne as his home.

At present, Alryne is presided by Lady Ancreta Dorminu, who is locally referred to as "Her Shrewdness". Lady Dorminu has been recorded to be disingenuous when speaking about the town, usually exaggerating quality-of-life reports. However, her capable leadership has kept Alryne stable economically, leading to little complaints over this.

Known Leaders Of Alryne

  • Lady Ancreta Dorminu - The current ruler of Alryne.


Alryne is rather wealthy, with the majority of the labour pool working in the production, sale, support of textiles and other weaved goods such as baskets. Alryne also has a rich arts sector, which uses both standard media and textile fabrics for the artwork it exports, and many aspiring artists will study under Alrynian artists.

Tourism is very strong in Alryne, with the unique style of weaving and textile production being of great interest to Bormar. Weaving workshops, art galleries, and tours of workshops of the most famous Alrynian artists are common and supplement the income of those who offer the services. Humans and Grol tourists are also somewhat regular to Alryne.

Alryne's apothecarial sector has created a uniquely long-lasting and vibrant selection of oil paints. Being only available in Alryne, they are a rare and sought-after commodity which is always sold at a discount to Alryinian artists.


Alryne continues the tradition of having a Molir as both a policing and military force. Unlike most other towns of its stature, the Alrynian Molir is underfunded, understaffed, and improperly standardised. Many famous criminals within Alryne have claimed to be Molir, though the requirement for Molir within Alryne is not to the same level of other towns, as Alryne is known for low criminal activity.


Alryne is noted for its above-average religious population, with many Gods being supported and gifted. With the lack of a 'God of Weaving', the Alrynian devout population have instead worshipped the 'God of Forestry' as the primary source of their materials.

The 'Cult of the Broken Heart' has appeared in the town over the last few years, normally appearing in the outer districts of the town. The group regularly plants posters on arches and doorways throughout the town. The poster has a signature design of heart which has been cut in half. The goals and beliefs of this cult is unknown, but they appear to be non-violent.


  • 540 BY - The Great Storm affects the region.

Notable Residents


  • West Quarter - The vast majority of merchants arrive and leave through the western side of the town, meaning the Western Quarter has built up a large amount of taverns and other spots for weary travellers.
  • Hotfair - Named after a yearly fair that happened in this portion of Alryne, notable for serving steaming hot food; a welcome relief in the colder parts of town.
  • Winter Gate - Known to be particularly cold due to the winter winds that blow from the Mar Mountains.
  • The Ridges - A small group of houses, taverns and eateries on the eastern gate. It is unknown where the name of 'The Ridges' came from.
  • North Town - Generally referring to the northern and some western parts of Alryne. The majority of the population lives here.
  • Harbour District - The southern portion of Alryne, mostly given over to the fishing industry.
  • Castle District - The eastern portion of the town, generally where wealthier inhabitants live.
  • The White Palace - A large barracks, hewn from white marble.