Satozi Glirom

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The smiling Satozi Glirom in his usual attire.

Satozi Glirom was an Apothecary and a playwright who participated in the search for Jolvis Volt. He also founded Thornheim's Apothecary Guild and hosted a play in the Outpost.

Early Life

Satozi was born and raised in the city of Alryne with his little sister, Ganya Glirom, and their parents Bordun Glirom (father) and Velni Glirom (mother) who were both hard-working apothecaries. They pushed Satozi and his sister into the apothecarial field, sending them across Bormar to various apothecarial education schools. During his stay at a school in the Holding of Youghal, Satozi came across a play that was being held in the local theatre. There, he found his love for theatricals and drama. After spending an extra two years in his apothecarial studies, Satozi had saved up enough money to travel away. He then went and left his sister behind in the school to pursue his dreams of being a famous playwright and actor.

Satozi had hitched a ride to Mendugh, a city famous for being home to numerous theatres and home to the Bormarian Theatrical Society ("BTS"). From there, he let his mind flow, writing numerous scripts for plays and comedies on a piece of paper. He then ran for the BTS, where he was accepted as a playwright Over eleven years of writing plays and being loyal to the BTS, Satozi had climbed the ranks and became an official theatrical society playwright and director. Satozi lived in Mendugh for another six years, continuing to write, visiting Alryne now and again. To his surprise, Bordun and Velni were proud of Satozi for achieving such a profession. His sister grew extremely jealous of Satozi for running away and getting praise for disobeying his parents, meanwhile, Ganya stuck herself into her studies and stayed a loyal apothecary.

Satozi took up his old apothecarial studies as a hobby and began to teach himself. Satozi, now 57 years old, decided to join a new Outpost being established in the mysterious area of The Thorn.

Life in Thornheim

Satozi in his lion costume for his play, The Perakka Lion.

Satozi was one of the founding members of the Outpost that would be known as Thornheim. Deciding that his apothecarial skills were more useful than his as a playwright, he quickly got to work establishing an Apothecary Guild. After some time though, Satozi did write and direct a small play involving a lion eating a Dwarf, which was well received.

Unfortunately, Satozi seemed to develop a reliance on an alchemical serum of his own design, which he called the Peblich serum and began to have many peculiar fascinations. First, was his construction of a secret tunnel which he called the Path of Pebbles. This cave had at least two hidden doorways that were only accessible by button combinations. The Path led to a cave containing a throne of Satozi's design as well as the recipe for his mysterious serum. Most disturbing was the fact that he apparently developed a fascination for other people's teeth, even having a list of Dwarves whose teeth he wanted to steal. Thankfully, he never acted upon these desires, and his cave in the Backwall was discovered long after Satozi had decided to leave Thornheim and head back to Bormar.

Later Life

Satozi would return to his home due to the accidental destruction of his parent's potion shop. He returned to help rebuild the business and Alryne and lives there to this day. His playwright skills have continued to develop and Satozi is also a proud member of the Bormar Theatrical Society.

Major Works