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Toiling over bubbling cauldrons, pouring over inscrutable recipe tomes or gathering rare herbs, the Apothecary is the practitioner of the shrouded and almost mystical practises of alchemy. Once completely unknown only to those who practised it, alchemy has since evolved into a more structured art, with the properties of plants and minerals being scrutinised by individuals and larger groups.

Over time, the Apothecary is now the source of potions within the world. Foraging plants from around the land, brewing them in cauldrons and then using their arts to turn these into potions, each with their own unique effects.


Name Use Unlock Cost Upgrade #
Forage Plants, fungi, berries, and crops can be found all over the world; from grass meadows and forests, to icy wastelands and sun-scorched deserts.

Gather a range of plants depending on what block and biome you are standing in, or on.

3 SP Once
Powder Turn any plant, ingot or other material into a fine powder or paste, used for other applications. 2 SP Once
Create Potion Turns a Mysterious Potion into a useable base potion. 3 SP Once
Mixed Potion Turns a Curious Potion into a useable mixed potion. 0 SP Basic
Innervation Turns a number of base, or mixed, potions into splash versions. 4 SP Once
Apothecary Tools Create a set of Apothecary tools, used for further skills. 1 SP Once


Apothecaries will require their own Brewery set-up in order to create potions. In addition to this, a huge amount of glass bottles is usually used by practicing Apothecaries. Turning cobblestone to gravel and then gravel to sand via the crafting interface will provide them with all the glass they require.

The knowledge and research required to master the Apothecary's art is vast, and they often surround themselves with libraries of research notes, reference tomes, experiment logs, and field journals. Many Apothecaries will find the need to also write down their various thoughts and discoveries in journals of their own, so good supply of writing materials will probably be necessary- keep the local Wordsmiths in good-standing will be a step in the right direction.

Custom Crafting

There is a huge amount of mechanically available potions and other substances brewed and created by the Apothecary, so it may not seem there is a lot of options for the Apothecary when it comes to Custom Crafting.

However, with due diligence, an Apothecary may be able to isolate specific properties within plants and use them to their own means. It is not unknown to use a custom crafting session to explore the effects of rare ingredients, or even discover components in an unknown brew.

Apothecaries In-Game

Apothecaries within the game may encompass all types of potion-brewers, alchemists and chemists, but they may also be simple foragers using their skills to help grow plants, or healers using their herbal knowledge to help the wounded.

The Apothecary is unique amongst professions as it will require the use of the Brewery plugin in order to properly unlock the full extent of their creations. An Apothecary may be a single player devoted to the exploration of potions, or part of larger groups who catalogue all their knowledge in an effort to gain progress with the numerous recipes available to them.