Zietal Mar

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Summary[edit | edit source]

A small Outpost, established on a strange island many weeks travel from Bormar. Financed by Lord Voman Stoutheart, the objective of the Outpost was to, first and foremost, seek any clues as to the whereabouts of the All-Gem, which was supposedly hidden on the archipelago.

Location[edit | edit source]

Zietal Mar was established within the rough middle of the forest area of the island, in the shadow of Greencrown Peak; the tallest mountain on the island.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

In its earliest iteration, Zietal Mar was little more than a handful of tents with some camp fires dotted around. As more Dwarves arrived, it quickly turned into a well-built and relatively organised settlement. Wood from the nearby forest and stone from the Greencrown Peak were the predominant building materials of the workshops and houses.

Later on, the Outpost would come to be surrounded by a large wall and the so-called 'Upper Holding' would be established - houses dug into the mountainside, with stairs and walkways dotting the face of the Peak.

Government[edit | edit source]

Main Article: Zietal Mar's Governance

Soon after Zietal Mar's establishment, it was declared that an 'Overseer' would be voted upon to 'rule' the Outpost. This Overseer would, effectively, have ultimate control over the military actions, economic decisions and construction of the Outpost.

It was quickly decided that there should be a check and balance on the Overseer's power, and so members of the community (One of the Church, One of the Industry, and the Runner-up in the election) would be picked to represent the people of the Outpost and could unanimously veto laws, or call for a new election, if they felt this was necessary. This group of people would be known as the 'Lower Chamber'. In time however, more specifically under Khestor Thidirlun's reign, the Government structure was reformed. The Overseer became 'Governor', taking on a more developed political role, and there was a formal Government structure. The Lower Chamber was abolished and replaced with individuals who were appointed by and would advise the Governor, these people were called 'Consuls', as well as run their own departments in relation to Outpost life. These newly established roles were split into three groups; Public Affairs, the Economy and the Molir. Whilst this may seem more productive, it was seen by some at first as a solidification of power by the Governor as, for example, Consuls were unable to veto legislation or call for new elections and were appointed at the whim of the leader of the Outpost, though they did have a part to play in the law-making process.

Leaders Of Zietal Mar[edit | edit source]

  • Kadol Ubbul - Jeweller and first Overseer.
  • Ogrona Frontik - Head Librarian of the Outpost and interim Overseer.
  • Khestor Thidirlun - Marshal of the Molir and third and final Overseer, or then 'Governor', of Zietal Mar.

Consuls of Zietal Mar[edit | edit source]

Members Of The Lower Chamber[edit | edit source]

Predecessor to the Office(s) of Consuls.

Economy[edit | edit source]

The first bank of Zietal Mar, built and run by Moddoh Surjah, utilised a simple currency of stamped gold nuggets, laconically labelled 'Banker Coins'.

Despite its simplicity, the coinage quickly gained a small hold, with traders and shopkeepers using it as their go-to currency. Unfortunately, with not too many services available and a glut of gold ore within the mines, the currency had few uses.

Plans to re-make the currency were made, with some agreements about the new names of the coins. A new bank was made within Fort Thidir, but unfortunately the new currency never got past the planning stages.

Religion[edit | edit source]

The Outpost itself did not hold any specific beliefs, other than maintaining its own Deeptunnel.

Strangely, Zietal Mar was home to a single 'priest' who devoted himself primarily to the Loving God. This priest, Sigmarr Thoruva, was usually around for ceremonial events and other gatherings, but more often than not kept to himself in a large statue of the Loving God, that he had carved himself.

Timeline[edit | edit source]

  • The first settlers arrive.
  • A perimeter is established, along with a mine.
  • The Grol are discovered living in the Red Hills.
  • The Outpost is ravaged by two thieves, who are immediately executed.
  • The dangers of Forest Trolls are discovered, with the death of Urrin.
  • The Outpost upgrades from tents to proper houses.
  • The Public Servant, the first Outpost publication, is printed.
  • Moddoh Surjah establishes the first Bank, with its coinage starting to be established.
  • The Public Servant focuses on Ilzar Goldspit and alludes to shady dealings.
  • Ortho Berukahs is driven from Zietal Mar and flees back to Bormar.
  • Kadol Ubbul is elected as the first Overseer.
  • The Outpost is officially named; Zietal Mar.
  • Zietal Mar's Molir is established, with Marshal Khestor at its head.
  • A mighty storm rolls in, signalling bad weather for weeks.
  • A plague of Swamphoppers descends on the island.
  • The Dwarves trek to the swamp, to put an end to the Bog-Kings and the plague of frogs.
  • Lokro and Bram contract the Black Quiver disease.
  • The disease spreads to a handful of other Dwarves.
  • Librarian Ogrona scours the island and unearths musty journals containing a cure.
  • The coded cure is deciphered.
  • The Dwarves delve into a magma spout to obtain an ingredient for the cure.
  • The Battle Of The Magma Cave.
  • The Black Quiver disease is eradicated within Zietal Mar.
  • Khestor is voted in as Overseer.
  • Fort Thidir begins construction.
  • The Umbral Hand Guild begins to gain more power to itself.
  • An Amanita Colossi is discovered and swiftly dispatched.
  • Ogrona Frontik and Ilzar Goldspit marry.
  • The various ruined journals and tattered pages found around the island are now finally pieced together.
  • The dark history of the island is discovered.
  • Lord Voman Stoutheart is declared an enemy of the Outpost, by Khestor.
  • Zietal Mar begins its fortifications.
  • The chamber containing the All-Gem is found.
  • The chamber is opened, after an encounter with the Grol and the All-Gem is recovered.
  • A lengthy vote on what to do with the All-Gem begins.
  • The Dwarves vote to destroy the All-Gem and flee the island on The Cuckoo.
  • A fleet of ships is spotted approaching from the east.
  • The Dwarves board The Cuckoo and abandon Zietal Mar.
  • Alekan Indrothath elects to stay behind, joining Kogan Gemesh.
  • The Fate Of Zietal Mar.

Notable Residents[edit | edit source]

A detailed census was kept by the government of the Outpost, in order to keep track of alive, missing or deceased Dwarves.

  • Go through Outpost Census for a list of worthy inclusions

Landmarks[edit | edit source]

  • Fly through Outpost and list all noteworthy landmarks.
  • Outpost Public Library - The main area of knowledge in Zietal Mar.

Gallery[edit | edit source]