Gib Andosk

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Gib Andosk
CaptionGib Andosk in his hometown of Gemfeld.
Birth DateUnknown
Death DateUnknown
Place Of BirthGemfeld

Gib Andosk was a Wordsmith born in Gemfeld who was pivotal in the events leading to the discovery of the All-Gem.

Before Zietal Mar.[edit | edit source]

Gib Andosk's full name is Gibandro Azgandritch Holoscandria Morobn Ondig Himtroskap Rotsehk Gillih Kismarg Lohbrag Ram Latiez Ollobango Lich Tarrasque Snogard Apprandisque Amandisque Mickey Mouse Halbert Skalbert Windtrap Mindrich Bogglo Ombogambo Andosk. He was the son of Amig and Manda Andosk. Amig, his father, was nearly designated as a Lord of Bormar as he was the founder of the city's legendary LordForge Foundry.

Gib had three brothers, Arkypter Andosk, Kanu Andosk, and Talen Andosk. When a runaway foundry fire set their hometown ablaze, nearly twenty thousand Dwarved perished, including Amig and Manda Andosk. Following the fire that destroyed Gemfeld, Arkypter and Kanu immediately left the city, and Talen and Gib were left to execute Amig and Manda's wills, splitting the items and money of the four brothers between themselves. Consequently, the two brothers became considerably wealthy. Gib elected to use his newfound wealth for philanthropical purposes.

Gib spent 15 years touring Bormar as an anthropologist, collecting information on the Grol, Dwarves, and various Human cultures. In his wandering studies, Gib found a chief of a human tribe, Ando Smith, whom he promptly married. Spending 4 years with his husband and the associative tribe, Ando was killed in a clan dispute, and the devastated Gib hiked on to continue his anthropological efforts elsewhere.

Two months after Ando's death, Gib entered Youghal, the home holding of First Lord Voman Stoutheart. Here he learned of the OOA recruitment drive to find the mythical All-Gem. Seeing the Outpost as a location to study isolated Dwarves, he boarded a boat and made the journey West.

In the Outpost[edit | edit source]

Gib's early days were spent learning about the Outpost and its surrounding regions. He temporarily took residence in the Upper Holding and joined the fledgling Wordsmith's Guild led by Ogrona Frontik in the Public Library. Soon, Gib would begin to work on a newsletter known as Gib's Bulletin. Gib's Bulletin was the last major newspaper to be released in Zietal Mar, its 3-issue saga drew awareness to Gib and single-handedly secured all future careers and achievements Gib would hold while in the Outpost.

Shortly after settling into Outpost life, Gib met up with his younger brother Talen who immediately moved into his house. Arkypter and Kanu Andosk both arrived later, but were never identified by Gib due to their sudden departure following the fire, when they were both below 25.

Consul[edit | edit source]

Gib was asked by Zietal Mar Governor Khestor Thidirlun to be his Consul for Public Affairs. In his work with Khestor, Gib was at the wheel of many initiatives of varying popularity, such as supporting the construction of Fort Thidir, desining the Zietal Mar Public Bank, and moving the grave of Grabhol Faulkrunn outside of the Outpost.

The All-Gem[edit | edit source]

After being introduced to the matter by Khestor, Gib dedicated himself to finding the All-Gem. On the 19th of Aptag, 803 BY, Gib found the underground chamber of the All-Gem just before the Grol mercenaries of the island could find it themselves. However, the situation was complicated after the Outpost leadership learned of the treacherous actions First Lord Voman Stoutheart in his search of the All-Gem.

After learning of First Lord Voman's previous use of Grol mercenaries to kill other Dwarves in a similar position, Gib and Khestor elected to create a fake All-Gem to be destroyed. The forgery was obliterated in public, leading for everyone to believe that the All-Gem was no more. Khestor and Gib took the All-Gem and hid it on The Cuckoo for its departure.

Back in Bormar[edit | edit source]

Following the arrest and pending execution when returning to Bormar, Gib and Khestor continued growing close, with a serious discussion on marriage taking place. When they were released, Gib and Khestor remained unmarried, refused to help search for the disgraced Lord Voman, and lived together in the small hamlet that was once the city of Gemfeld working on philosophy and complex political discussions.

Gib later restarted his newspaper, and it became the most popular in the town. Questions about why Gib's Bulletin - Bormar Edition began at 'Issue 4' remained unanswered, and Gib would go on to write 657 Issues of the new Gib's Bulletin, which was reformed into a think-piece and a collection of his life.

Major Works[edit | edit source]