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RegionJulnoor Province, the Thorn
Years Active804 - 805 BY
GovernmentDemocratic Half-Congress
LeaderThe Speaker

A small Outpost, established deep in the mountain range known as the Thorn many weeks travel from Bormar. Upon order of the First House, the objective of the Outpost was to seek any clues as to the whereabouts of the human redstoneer, Jolvis Volt.

Thornheim was established in the region known as the Julnoor Province, a small corner of the Thorn. This area was a snowy, alpine region where few plants would grow, but the Dwarves made their homes on the cliffsides and dug deep into the mountains regardless.


Due to its location in a range of icy mountains, Thornheim was eternally covered in a layer of snow. Most of its buildings were constructed of stone or spruce wood, but various other materials, notably red brick, were also used. A great number of towers capped the mountain peaks above, serving as lookout posts and signal towers.

Many homes and worksites were built directly into the mountainside, usually having great staircases carved directly into the stone. Such locations included the Ridgesite Complex and Julnoor Alchemists Guildhall. Most buildings, however, existed in a flat area between several mountains, colloquially known as either the town square or "The Flats".

Government & Politics

The Half-Congress

The meeting hall of the Half-Congress, not shown is the large audience stand for citizens who wished to view the proceedings. The events of these meetings were recorded in the Half-Congress Minutes.

Thornheim's government was decided to be a representative democracy early into its history. While this plan cause a number of criticisms, the concept was made official and the Thornheim Half-Congress was established. The reason for this name was the fact that not every Dwarf would not be a member of the Congress, but would instead be citizens who would vote representatives to act on their behalf.

The elected representatives were known as Congydwarves, with a Speaker chosen from among them who would function as the Half-Congress' presiding officer. Various subordinate positions were created by the Half-Congress, such as the Hillsmarshal who would command the Outpost's molir, as well as various "Landydwarves" who would administer the Outpost as designated by the Half-Congress.

Half-Congress Membership

Congydwarf & Speaker - Del

Congydwarf - Mun Ogla

Congydwarf - Geir Ostlig

Notable Policies

HC-1 Bill-1 - The first piece of legislation was the smallest of the bunch, proposing a census of the Outpost's Dwarves to take place.

HC-1 Bill 2 - Created the procedure of "Terra Taka", creating a method for the Half-Congress to take pieces of land and property for public use.

HC-1 Bill 3 - Seized various pieces of land using the "Terra Taka" procedure, establishing a hospital, storage building, boarding house, and library.

HC-1 Bill 4 - Established several laws and punishments which were to be handled by the Thornheim molir which was also created in this legislation and was to be led by a Hillsmarshal.

Notable Locations

The port of Thornheim and a large Dwarven estate in the background.

The Flats

The majority of happenings in Thornheim were centered around a large open space at its center that functioned as its town square. This stone brick promenade allowed its Dwarves to travel easily through the snow and to the various homes and businesses that surrounded it.

The Port

The Outpost of Thornheim had a sizable port built to serve a multitude of functions. First, it would assist in shipments to and from Bormar, particularly through the Office of Outpost Affairs. A small vessel was also used by the residents for fishing excursions.

The Oglian Public Amenities Center

Functioning as the Outpost's library and Wordsmith's guild, this repository of information contained such tomes as:


804 BY

  • 2nd Octag - Bam Wymers falls off a mountain. Outpost was founded in Julnoor Province.
  • 3rd Octag - Stolto arrives, turns a blind eye to 'advanced' buildings. Shipwreck is plundered for resources. Large snowfall traps the Dwarves inside the Outpost.
  • 4th Octag - Further expansion and alcohol brewing. Theo falls into lava, but is saved and recovers.
  • 5th Octag - Brak dies through mysterious circumstances. Stone Trolls escape from the Hollen.
  • 7th Octag - Stone quarry founded by Theo
  • 9th Octag - The blizzard lifts from around the Outpost. Radd Faltorak and Tybalt Ambrose are both killed.
  • 10th Octag - Xrn Cerdun dies to Forest Trolls.
  • 12th Octag - Torvald Tubins dies to nightwolves. Mithrac builds a shrine to the Ruling God. Rekkr knits some socks.
  • 13th Octag - Expedition plans to eradicate Stone Trolls begins.
  • 15th Octag - Expedition happens, Stone Trolls are eliminated.
  • 16th Octag - A.D.A.M. 1 is discovered.
  • 23rd Octag - Two Grol brothers, Rentub and Unblig Be Vign, begin a hunting expedition.
  • 25th Octagg - Giant bees plague the Outpost.
  • 28th Octag - A magma cave is discovered.
  • 30th Octag - Samhain night. Belbo the Amazing arrives to trade.
  • 31st Octag - Mithrac dies to Jerl bulls.
  • 6th Novtag - The Magma Rig is explored and repaired. Geir is burned severely, Yol dies of magma slimes.
  • 7th Novtag - Del is elected First Speaker of the Outpost. Geir, Threlon and Mun are elected councilmembers.
  • 13th Novtag - A Cucurbita Gigantus is discovered and eliminated.
  • 21st Novtag - The docks begin construction. The Voice of Volt is heard.
  • 28th Novtag - Captain Kadrian sails into the docks. The Vingaborda Troubles begin.

805 BY

  • 14th Jantag - Retired General, Lillich Termonn, arrives to investigate the murder of some bulls.
  • 15th Jantag - Ercon leads the Dwarves on a trip around the map.
  • 16th Jantag - The pump is made operational by Ercon, Geir, Threlon, and Zin.
  • 20th Jantag - The Lightning Tower fort is scouted out. A voice is interacted with at the door and metal sentries are awoken.
  • 21st Jantag - The first Human cultists are discovered. A.D.A.M. 2 is found.
  • 25th Jantag - Ercon dies due to falling into lava.
  • 22 Aptag - After several weeks of struggling, the decision is made to abandon Thornheim and travel back to Bormar. While the Outpost is a failure, its Dwarves are alive, but the Julnoor Province becomes overrun with Automata and is deemed The Iron Kingdom.