Kon Belben

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Kon Belben
RegionGellion's Cross
Years Active812 BY
LeaderKell Kalastra

A small Outpost was established in Gellion's Cross, a short trip from the borders of Bormar. Due to the discovery of an ancient document by Lord Tolbar Maldus that hinted at an ancient Dwarven presence in the area, an expedition was launched to settle the land and unravel its mysteries.

Kon Belben was established on the northeastern coastline of Gellion's Cross. It was founded upon a collection of stone ruins built by unknown hands.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

In its earliest iteration, the Outpost was nothing more than small hovels built in an ancient ruin. Some foundations of the old buildings were used for new ones, while others were dismantled and replaced with more solid structures. A crumbling wall surrounded the ruins, providing some protection for its growing population of Dwarves. Eventually, they began expanding outwards, particularly towards the coastal cliffs.

Later on, the Outpost would be refurbished, including a new wall and a realignment of its four entrances. There were two distinct areas of Kon Belben: the Inner Outpost, and the Outer Outpost. The Inner Outpost was everything built upon the original ancient ruins. This section was walled and was the beating heart of the Outpost. The Outer Outpost included everything outside of the walls having just as many homes, businesses, and structures as within.

Government and Politics[edit | edit source]

Early Days[edit | edit source]

For many weeks since its founding Kon Belben had no government whatsoever. This changed when a fight broke out in the Outpost resulting in the death of the Apothecary Roslyn Vidluf at the hands of Ankoth Reknor, a Dwarf-At-Arms. Calls for justice were heard through the Outpost, but due to there being no laws to judge Ankoth, it was decided that a government must be organized first.

After a long and tiring cycle of elections, Thorgrin Metalfist was elected as Kon Belben's first leader, holding the title and powers of the position known as the Ceannard. Under the Ceannard were a number of subordinate positions whose duties fell upon the Ceannard when left unfilled.

The first Outpost meeting in Kon Belben, with Ceannard Metalfist presiding.

Thorgrin Metalfists's Ceannardship[edit | edit source]

As the author of the Outpost's governing laws, The Articles of the Settlement, Thorgrin's candidacy was a surprise to no one. After winning the election Thorgin held at least one meeting among the Dwarves of Kon Belben to discuss plans. He also commanded the Outpost forces against the attack by the Human tribe that native to Gellion's Cross. Sadly, Thorgrin's tenure was not long-lived, as personal family matters in Bormar forced him to resign and return to the mainland.

The Administration of Ceannard Metalfist[edit | edit source]

Treasurer - Wuri Vidluf

Marshal - Castamere Vidluf

Kell Kalastra's Ceannardship[edit | edit source]

Kell Kalastra was voted into office in the weeks after Thorgrin's departure. After filling the positions under him, he focused his attention on renovating the Inner Outpost of Kon Belben, a project so ambitious that it was never truly completed. Kalastra also led the effort to name the Outpost and design its banner, which was successful after many debates on the subject.

The apprehension of Ankoth Reknor for the murder of Roslynn Vidluf was another chief priority. Kalastra and Reknor had several meetings and discussions in an attempt at holding a fair trial for the latter's actions. Sadly, these efforts were not successful and Reknor was declared an enemy of the Outpost and slain by Kalastra and Kon Belben's newly-formed molir.

Several members of the Kon Belben molir in uniform-full magnos scale armor and shields with the banner of the Outpost.

The Administration of Ceannard Kalastra[edit | edit source]

Grand Architect - Ogmund Regvari

Grand Artisan - Moldath Eshtan

Treasurer - Wuri Vidluf, later unfilled

Sagart - Cleric Dogor

Lorekeeper - Vokhurum Regvari

Marshal - Mordware Vidluf

Notable Policies[edit | edit source]

The High Articles of Kon Belben - a streamlined version of the Articles of the Settlement.

Regulatory Act I - Declaring the High Articles as the supreme law of Kon Belben and designating all pre-existing laws as void.

Regulatory Act II - Announcing the terms of the Outpost's trade deal with the Fitgins & Sons Trading Company.

Economy[edit | edit source]

The economy of Kon Belben was diverse, with no single item or trade dominating any other. Plenty of local businesses offered a variety of goods and services, including Moldaths' Simple Smithy, Folly Moss Alchemy, and Gellion's Cross Postal Service, among others. Trade was established with Bormar through the Fitgins & Sons Trading Company. After striking a deal with Ceannard Kalastra, Kon Belben's docks would host several traders with which Kon Belben's Dwarves would bargain.

The infamous goat masks distributed at Kon Belben's festival.

On the 24th of Juntag, 812 BY, a festival was held in Kon Belben to celebrate the great works and crafts that its Dwarves had fashioned since the Outpost's founding. The event was held at the new mine South of the Outpost that was built by various members of the Regvari family. Events were held, including archery, drinking contests, a dunk tank, and even a battle of insults between Kell Kalastra and Dubir Lout which almost came to blows. Goat masks were fashioned to honor the Kon Belben's namesake, and many laughs were had over their somewhat disturbing appearance.

Religion[edit | edit source]

Cleric Dogor giving a sermon in his church.

Kon Belben was home to Cleric Dogor, a follower of the Church of All who brought his beliefs to the Outpost. In the earliest days of Gellion Cross' reclamation, Cleric Dogor established a modest church in which he housed and fed many of Kon Belben's Dwarves for no cost at all. The tree which gave shelter in these early days was cut to make room for new structures, but Cleric Dogor was prudent enough to save a sapling of this tree, which became known as the "Sapling of Life." This humble cutting became a fixture in the Church of All in the Outpost.

No one god was worshiped above any other in Kon Belben, with each and every god worshiped equally. This was most certainly due to Cleric Dogor's influence who, as a part of his organization, deemed all Dwarven gods worthy of equal recognition. The Church of All sent various publications to Cleric Dogor that were distributed in the Outpost, including:

  • On Gods of Warfare - Includes Strategy Offensive Warfare, Defense, Unity, and Scouting.
  • The Gods of Nature - Includes Nature, Shepherding, Forestry, and Growing.
  • On Craftsgods - Includes Smithing, Jewelcrafting, Tinctures, Building, Clothing, and Woodworking.
  • The God of Hunting

Notable Locations[edit | edit source]

The Dockyard[edit | edit source]

The dockyard of Kon Belben was a great endeavor that took many long weeks to complete. It was made of solid stone and included two long piers protecting a central docking point. The piers led down to a market area, where several traders from the Fitgins & Sons Trading Company hawked their wares to the Outpost's Dwarves. Visitors to the Kon Belben dockyard included a Grol trader known as Belbo the Amazing who arrived on a vessel of dubious origins to sell a great variety of rare goods. The Fitgins & Sons vessel, The Acquirer, also made port here during Trade Officer Doratrir's negotiations with the Kon Belben to establish a proper trade route.

The Sobal Observatory & Constellarium[edit | edit source]

The Sobal Observatory Constellarium. Planetary bodies Left to Right: Alea, Reyna, the Sun, Lirgna, Herla, and Ibos.

The Sobal Observatory was a cutting-edge facility built for the purpose of furthering Bormar's knowledge of the heavens above. Built and managed by Cruinne Sobal, the Observatory was also home to Vemghall Astrology, a members-only astrology association that never quite got off the ground. There was also a lounge for relaxation and telkrat as well as a large glass-domed roof which a telescope with which the planets and stars could be viewed.

The crown jewel of the observatory, however, was the constellarium. Located in the observatory's lowest level, the constellarium provided a scale model of the solar system for any curious Dwarf to see. Cruinne Sobal was known to give tours of the constellarium before he left the Outpost to return to Bormar.

The Central Tower[edit | edit source]

When the Dwarves first discovered the ruins on which Kon Belben was built, the only standing structure was a large tower at its center. Its stairs were rickety and its foundations uncertain, but with some effort, the Dwarves stabilized the structure. The roads of the Outpost all converged upon the tower, and it became the center of most activity. When the Office of Outpost Affairs required tribute, the goods were initially gathered in the tower. Meetings were also held in its shade, particularly the meeting held by the newly elected Ceannard, Thorgrin Metalfist.

The tower would undergo several renovations, eventually looking far different than what it did when the Dwarves first arrived. The tower eventually became the base of operations for Kon Belben's molir, which was led by the Outpost Marshal, Mordware Vidluf. A great bell was placed on the top level of the tower to be able to sound the alarm for any larger threats to the Outpost.

The Outpost Library and Museum[edit | edit source]

The massive skylight of Kon Belben's library.

The library of Kon Belben has many old names and past owners. The Dwarf to establish the building was Keeper Magog, a Wordsmith from Bormar who was highly involved in the Outpost's earliest days. He opened the library on the 1st of Jantag, and its name was the Carpe Diem Bibliotheca, which he later renovated to have a museum. Keeper Magog infamously locked the library doors after Thorgrin Metalfist was elected Ceannard. Facing public backlash, Magog left the Outpost and the library fell without an owner.

Upon Kell Kalastra's rise to the Ceannardship, the newly appointed Lorekeeper Vokhurum Regvari took it upon himself to renovate the library from the ground up. The layout was changed dramatically and could hardly be recognized from Magog's initial structure. Later, the Dwarf known only as Q.E.D. arrived in Kon Belben and, having surveyed the mostly-built library, asked Ceannard Kalastra for permission to continue construction. Permission was quickly given and the library proceeded to its final, finished version: the Demonstratum Library. The Dwarves of Kon Belben filled the library with many tomes of various genres, including:

Timeline[edit | edit source]

???[edit | edit source]

  • In ancient Bormar, a mysterious Dwarf of unknown origin arrives with great wealth and knowledge. This stranger would be highly successful in his pursuits, with his descendant eventually becoming the Lord of Blashryk.

810 BY[edit | edit source]

  • After facing a string of misfortunes that have stripped him and his holding of Blashryk of its wealth, Lord Tolbar Maldus discovers an ancient document revealing that Gellion's Cross was once a Dwarven realm. This persuades the Office of Outpost Affairs to support an expedition to the region to learn more of this information and recover resources for All Bormar. Lord Maldus is promised a cut of the earnings of the expedition, and recruitment begins immediately.

812 BY[edit | edit source]

  • 14 Jantag
    • The expedition is launched to reclaim Gellion's Cross.
    • The two expedition ships are attacked by a massive drake, destroying one of the vessels.
    • The expedition makes camp in some abandoned ruins near the coast.
    • Cleric Dogor opens the doors to the Church of All to any Dwarf in the Outpost.
  • 17 Jantag - A nightwolf hunt reveals that the local beasts are infected by a bizarre infection of slime, clusters of which are soon found on a local hillside
  • 22 Jantag - An ancient, abandoned deeptunnel is discovered and explored after wiping out the Stone Trolls that infested it.
  • 29 Jantag - Stone Trolls attack the Outpost
The domain of the Apex Slime deep within the hills surrounding Kon Belben.
  • 4 Febtag - An expedition is launched to remove the slime from the nearby hills, resulting in subterranean battles, the slaying of the Apex Slims, and the death of the Dwarf, Idrath Nish.
  • 11 Febtag - The Dwarves discover a drake nest near the Outpost but manage to slay the beast and destroy its eggs.
  • 12 Febtag - The giant Stone Troll known as Pebbil begins marching on the Outpost, starting a five-day series of battle to stop the monstrous creature from destroying the expedition. Several plans are proposed on how to kill the great beast, and local smith Moldath Eshtan declares himself as "emergency leader" despite having little support in doing so.
  • 17 Febtag - Pebbil the Stone Troll is slain after being hit with a ballista bolt, his rocky carcass fell into the Outpost's bay and became a permanent feature of its waters.
  • 19 Febtag - Roslynn Vidluf and Ankoth Reknor come to blows in the Outpost, leading to the death of Roslynn. Fiery debates begin surrounding justice, resulting in a call to form an Outpost government.
  • 6 Martag - After nearly a month of debates, proposals, and voting, the Articles of the Settlement are chosen as the Outpost's governing text.
  • 13 Martag - Thorgrin Metalfist is chosen as the Outpost's first Ceannard, leading to a flurry of debates and the departure of the Outpost Librarian, Keeper Magog, from Gellion's Cross.
  • 16 Martag - The Grol merchant known as Belbo the Amazing arrives at the Outpost to peddle his wares.
  • 5 Aptag - Thorgrin Metalfist resigns as Ceannard due to personal matters, and a new election to fill the position begins almost immediately.
  • 7 Aptag - The Outpost is nearly overwhelmed by massive spiders commanded by a mysterious tribe of Humans native to Gellion's Cross. A tentative peace agreement is struck between the Humans and Dwarves.
  • 11 Aptag - Kell Kalastra is elected as the Outpost's second Ceannard
  • 28 Aptag - After refusing attempts at a peaceful resolution, Ankoth Reknor, murderer of Roslynn Vidluf, is slain in the Outpost at the hands of the Outpost's ad-hoc molir led by Kell Kalastra.
  • 6 Maytag - Trade Officer Doratrir of the Fitgins & Sons Trading Company arrives in the Outpost to establish trade with Bormar.
  • 24 Maytag - The Outpost is officially named Kon Belben, Old Dwarven for "Four Goats", in honor of the four surviving goats used to distract the spider attack on 7 Aptag.
  • 3 Juntag - A meeting is held with the Human spider tribe, revealing the history of Gellion's Cross as well as the monstrous drake that prowls its skies: Arikora.
  • 6 Juntag - Ceannard Kalastra strikes a deal with the Fitgins & Sons Trading Company opening Kon Belben up to trade with Bormar.
  • 11 Juntag - The human tribal Ethoko tells the Dwarves of three ancient "arrows" that can be used to kill the monstrous Arikora. The first expedition succeeds in recovering the first of the arrows, which is actually a ballista bolt dubbed the Skyshrieker
  • 19 Juntag - The final iteration of the Outpost's laws, The High Articles of Kon Belben, is released by Kell Kalastra.
  • 24 Juntag - A festival is held at the new mine to celebrate everything that has been accomplished by the Dwarves of Kon Belben thus far.
  • 25 Juntag - The second expedition to find the ancient Skyshrieker is held, leading the Dwarves into a deeptunnel filled with Stone Trolls. The arrow is recovered and brought back to the Outpost.
  • 1 Augtag - The third expedition to find the ancient Skyshrieker bolt is held, resulting in a battle with the great drake Arikora in an ancient battlefield. The Dwarves of Kon Belben manage to hit the great beast in the eye with one of the bolts, causing it to flee and lick its wounds.
  • 12 Augtag - The final expedition is held to reclaim Thol Urdim after its location is finally revealed. The Dwarves fight the foul and monstrous remnants of some of the hold's former residents, including the Iron Scribes.
  • 13 Augtag - Delving to the deepest reaches of Thol Urdim, the Dwarves of Kon Belben battle Arikora. The great beast is struck down after hitting it with several Skyshriekers, but the Dwarves make a dreadful discovery of what lies beneath the great fortress...
  • 14 Augtag to Present - The Fate of Kon Belben

Notable Residents[edit | edit source]

While the Dwarves of Kon Belben kept no formal census, there were a great many Dwarves who lived there, including:

Gallery[edit | edit source]