The Fate Of Kon Belben

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The following article chronicles the final days of Chapter Three and the fate of its beloved Dwarves.

The Fate Of Kon Belben

When the previously mentioned events came to pass, the Dwarves of Gellion's Cross were eager and hasty in their bid to turn the land into a comfortable, and profitable, place to live.

The site of Thol Urdim became a heavily guarded place of research almost as soon as word of it reached Bormar. Archeologists, historians, scholars and treasure hunters alike delve the depths to recover what artifacts and information they can. The tunnels and pathways into and around Thol Urdim are protected and guarded by a small, yet experienced, sub-sect of the Kon Belben Molir, known simply as the Tunnel Guards, a role given must prestige in the area.

Kon Belben itself quickly became a hub of great activity and trade. Whilst the area itself was not rich in resources, the ruins of Thol Urdim were the main attraction to the area, with other sites in the lands becoming sights that nobles and other wealthy travellers wished to see. The stepped calcite mountains became an area of homes for the richest of merchants, whilst work is still ongoing to attempt to fix the land from Arikora's blight.

Lord Tolbar Maldus initially profited greatly from this new-found interest in the area, but the shrewd mind of the Outpost's leader, Kell Kalastra, quickly sought to even out the odds. After months of correspondence, Kon Belben was given its own status as a holding, with the lands of Gellion's Cross, technically belonging to Tolbar's bloodline, but in practice now under the banner of Kon Belben. Whilst Lord Maldus seems to have initially been against this idea, it seems that older age and wrist cramps forced him to admit that Kell would not let this matter go. Some small tribute is paid to Lord Tolbar Maldus and his town of Blashyrk to this day.

Of the original settlers of Kon Belben, I can only find a handful of references to them. Moldath, the smith, appears to have stayed in Kon Belben, retaining his post as head smith and armouring the Molir. The Dwarves Wintry and Safter appear to have simply continued their craft within the holding, being the driving force for exports of ores and gemstones from the area, along with the Regvari's and their mine. A mention to a Dwarf named Ellindur has been found, in which many Dwarves are saddened to hear that he has succumbed to an injury from a giant swamp-dwelling centipede.

The Dwarf known as Borl now operates a small chocolate-making business, preferring to sell to staying guests and travellers, rather than export out of Gellion's Cross. The Apothecary, Aada, appears to have returned to the mainland where she has set up her own Apothecarial business with her son. Cleric Dogor, now a relatively well-known figure within the Church Of All, continues to preach at Kon Belben, along with pursuing his own research into the theology of Thol Urdim.

Cruinne's Observatory operates to this day, acting as a welcome distraction for visiting scholars. Cruinne, ever the shrewd merchant, does not fail to gain an income from this. Mordware has settled up within the Waterworks Guild, a veritable hive of engineering and invention. Some have gone better than others. Borger, along with a number of other Dwarves, have simply settled in the area and seem quite content to live out their lives there.

Of the Humans, Wazo the wandering swordsman, who appears in a scant handful of references, seems to have simply disappeared from all written records. The Spider Tribe, led by Methuli Ethoko, were put into contact with the Adzjab Tribe, in which the best guess to their 'original' tribe has been contacted. Some shared surnames and family stories that have survived seem to strengthen this face. The Spider Tribe has been given official tribal status by Bormar, allowing them free travel over the area of Gellion's Cross without fear of harassment or danger. Methuli Ethoko has taken a wife and is now believed to expect twins within the coming months.

From absolute obscurity and frightful peril, Gellion's Cross has been saved by intrepid Dwarves and has now turned into a hub of research, travel and mercantile expertise. Whilst it may not become a powerhouse of trade any time soon, its status in the history books of Bormar has been cemented, along with the Dwarves involved.