Maritime History of Bormar

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Many variants of ships are produced in Bormar, though the most common ship is the Well Cutter-class design, created and built in various shipyards across the nation.

Due to their history of dwelling in the mountains and valleys of the Mar Mountains, Bormar's maritime industry is quite young, and the ships are significantly more primitive than other nations of the world. Nevertheless, its maritime history is as proud as it is young.

Maritime History of Bormar[edit | edit source]

Since Bormar's inception, it has been mostly central to the continent, with some cities and towns bordering The Well, such as Harbohr, and, at one time, Gemfeld. In the beginning, these towns used tar-covered wooden row boats for fishing. As time progressed, small sailboats allowed them to travel further, and begin trading with other regions, like the Yeldamor, Adzjab, and the Maele Kingdom, among others.

When the Office for Outpost Affairs was founded, work began in constructing vessels that could travel further distances and carry more Dwarves and resources to prospective Outposts.

Ships and Conventions[edit | edit source]

Bormar Vessels are always titled "Bormar Ship", written as "B.S." on the nameplate. Ships used by the government or used on official state business will be re-titled to "Bormar State Vessel" or "B.S.V."

The Well Cutter-class[edit | edit source]

Each ship of this class follows the same consistent design:

Well Cutter Standard Design
Length Width Height Mast Count Sail Count
70 meters 17 meters 47 meters 3 7

Well Cutters will always have two decks below the main deck, a Captain's Quarters placed below the poop deck.

Well Cutters are built mainly of two types of wood, generally birch and spruce, with strong stone as its Bowsprit.