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Harbohr sits on the south of Bormar, surrounded both by the Galita Bluffs to the west, and the Koreggi Mountains to the east. It sits atop the Purple River, a few kilometers from The Well ocean.

General information[edit | edit source]

Harbohr's lies on the 'Purple River', next to a large swamp. It is a bustling town, made famous for its strong network of river harbours and strong port infrastructure. Generally, any goods or people wishing to travel to the Ariq Desert, Yeldamor, the Adzjab, or The Shattered Coast will pass through Harbohr for a resupply. As such, warehouses and small business offices are known to be regularly established in the town.

A stylised map of Harbohr, inspired by Captain Har Bohn's original work.

The primary occupations for the natives of Harbohr are in trade or fishing, with a strong Market District for sale of lucrative goods, and a well-stocked fish population in the Purple River.

Harbohr's innumerous guardhouses are memorable to passers-by. Following the decorated stone and hard-wood finishings used throughout the town, the guardhouses spread far beyond the dense footprint of Harbohr, usually being the first sight seen by travellers.

Harbohr's official buildings are all decorated with rich purple banners, with purple being the official colour of the city.

Harbohr sits on the chief source of purple dye within Bormar. The rare 'Purpur Water Lilly' is found only on the banks of the Purple River, and grows multiple sacs of a rich purple liquid, which it uses as nutrient stores for the Winter. These sacs will remain below water for all of Winter, surfacing in Spring, giving the river a distinct deep purple hue. Locals have been able to harvest some of these sacs per plant as a dye for cloths and paints, making it one of the few sources of lucrative purple dye.

With the abundance of this rarity, the Koraalduivel family who rule Harbohr have instructed the local Molir to use the dyes in the uniforms and banners, creating a sense of royalty within the town.

Important history[edit | edit source]

The Koraalduivel family founded the city over a dozen generations ago and have continue to rule through family lineage.

Lord Johannes Koraalduivel is the current ruler, and is known for his kindness, and friendliness. Vocal opponents of Johannes claim he is reluctant to change the traditional nature of Harbohr, but it well liked by his balancing of acceptable tax programmes, and strong Molir force.

Johannes' daughter is famous for her character and wits, and she uses her family name to gain followers and control throughout town officials. She is known to quietly oversee and begin private projects within the Molir, and hide them from her father.

On one occasion, she attempted a coup d'etat of her father from the town's throne, citing his conservative attitude to leadership. Her hired assassin, missing his crossbow shot instead alerted the Lord by shattering an amphora beside him. The heiress quickly dispatched of the assassin to cover her own tracks. Harbohr Molir are renown for their interrogation skills, and are regularly recruited by the Ereben Molir Detective Agency for complex interrogations.

This failed coup has resulted in her being ousted from the Molir, and increased scrutiny of her actions. Investigations into the heiress, by the town Molir and the Ereben Molir Detective Agency have resulted in incomplete reports as to her justifications of assassination.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

"My friends from Zietal Mar, its been to long since I last saw you. I hope that this map that I made of the town I visited on my most recent voyage finds you well. -Captain Har Bohn." (A letter sent by Har to the survivors of Zietal Mar)

"I've been in this city for about a day now, and it's truly perplexing. The city has a river going straight through it, creating a path for ships to deliver their cargo straight to the city center and allowing the inhabitants to fish from their back garden. My people roam the lands nearby, yet I have never been here before. They speak with the same accent, which truly makes me feel at home. Perhaps I should settle down here one day….

Anyway I will definitely come back here for the trade alone. " (An extract from Har's published journal.)