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Ores are lumps of rock that are rich in metallic components. These ores are then processed in order to turn them into pure metals. In real-life, this could be a mixture of crushing them, combining them with other materials, or simply smelting them.

Properties And Uses[edit | edit source]

Each ore will turn into a 'base metal' when it is smelted. This is done by Smiths using their Smelt or Mass Smelt skills.

The metals can then be further alloyed, or turned into weapons and armour.

Ores[edit | edit source]


Abysm[edit | edit source]

A pitch-black ore, usually found at great depths. Believed to be quite prevalent within the Low Kingdoms, with whom it was first initially traded. When smelted, creates deep iron.


Acirassi[edit | edit source]

A very hard, dense ore that is streaked with yellow and orange. The ore turns into the metal, acirassi, when smelted. Both the ore and the pure metal is highly prized by the Grol, who treat it with substantial reverence.


Bauxite[edit | edit source]

A reddish ore with a flash of grey, it is used primarily to make aluminium.


Bismuthinite[edit | edit source]

Shiny and white, when smelted will turn into bismuth.


Cassiterite[edit | edit source]


Chromite[edit | edit source]


Cinnabar[edit | edit source]

Coal Ore

Coal Ore[edit | edit source]


Cobaltite[edit | edit source]


Galena[edit | edit source]


Garnierite[edit | edit source]

Gold Ore

Gold[edit | edit source]


Ilmenite[edit | edit source]

Iron Ore

Iron[edit | edit source]


Magnesite[edit | edit source]

Native Copper

Native Copper[edit | edit source]

Native Platinum

Native Platinum[edit | edit source]

Native Silver

Native Silver[edit | edit source]

Redstone Ore

Redstone Ore[edit | edit source]


Sphalerite[edit | edit source]


Stibnite[edit | edit source]

Quartz Ore

Quartz Ore[edit | edit source]


Wolframite[edit | edit source]

Bismuthinite - shiny white Cassiterite - lustrous, light grey Chromite - solid, grey Cinnabar - dull red Cobaltite - smooth red Galena - dark, shiny Garnierite - dull green Gold Ilmenite - shiny light grey Iron Magnesite - rough, bright white Native Copper Native Platinum Native Silver Sphalerite - shiny dark grey Stibnite - shiny light grey Wolframite - rough dark grey

Unique Ores[edit | edit source]