Rekkr's Triumph

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Rekkr's Triumph
Written804 BY
AuthorMun Ogla

This tome is penned by Thornheim resident Mun Ogla for the purpose of recording the mighty actions of Outpost resident Rekkr Gostang.

Text[edit | edit source]

The brave and mighty Rekkr Gostang descended the elevator into the chasm below The Hollen, and was the first to step on unexplored stone, ready to fight against those who would challenge his friends. His finely-tuned nose detected the strong whiff of sulphur as he looked around the dimly lit expanse, and he knew there would be trouble, nothing he couldn’t handle easily. As the elevator which hoisted his famous presence creaked upwards, a monstrous spider with fangs like knives pounced towards him.

Rekkr pulled out his ferocious axe and swung it with such graceful force that the spider was cleanly sliced in two mid-jump. The bisected carcass landed in a pile at his feet. “Pitiful spider-child!” Rekkr shouted, his voice booming off every wall in the cavern, so foreboding, that it almost like the spiders stopped for a beat, before continuing their march towards him. Next, the elevator landed with Loris and Mun, Loris’ stance was firm and ready for the fight, with Mun holding tightly onto the chain, his sabatons improperly fastened to his meek feet.

Rekkr stomped to Mun, making him quiver even more and helped Mun fix the sabatons to his frame; Mun barely sputtering a thanks when Rekkr finished. As the rest descended down, Rekkr worked with Loris, systematically securing the landing point, and slicing down any scum who dare try to hurt him or his friends.

When the entire dwarven population landed, Rekkr took charge and began the march into the unknown, his axe raised high, ready to slay whatever got too close.

As he led the brigade, a group of trolls, covered in the sulphur he smelt earlier pounced towards the team, directly in the path of Rekkr’s perfectly sharpened axe blade. As the Dwarves slowly cleared this ‘Hole under the Hollen’, Rekkr kept them safe, his sharp eyes scanning for any foe and his strong arms bringing justice to bare.

As the Hole under the Hollen began to collapse, Rekkr ensured that every dwarf was safe from falling debris, even going so-far as to catch a rock that was bound to land on Mun’s now helmet-less head, throwing it to the skull of a spider on his rear.

With the Dwarves running panicked to the elevator, Rekkr stayed back, protecting the elevator from any damage before finally climbing last, the victorious, strong, and kind guard he is.