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Our server is host to a vast amount of custom-made creatures. Many, if not all, of them have been created via the Mythic Mobs Plugin, allowing us to customise them as we see fit.

The world is filled with wildlife, ranging from the mundane and safe, to the exotic and lethal. Each is unique in their own way, with varying drops, skills and dangers. A player may encounter many of these throughout their travels, so it is usually important to be aware of what may wait for you out in the wilderness.

Terrestrial[edit | edit source]

Dune Hare[edit | edit source]

Feral Hog[edit | edit source]

Ice Bear[edit | edit source]

Jerl Bull[edit | edit source]

Mar Goat[edit | edit source]

Mar Hare[edit | edit source]

Nightwolf[edit | edit source]

Poison Gecko[edit | edit source]

Rat[edit | edit source]

Razormane[edit | edit source]

Redback[edit | edit source]

Rock Cat[edit | edit source]

Snow Fox[edit | edit source]

Aquatic[edit | edit source]

Dartswimmer[edit | edit source]

Vicious, malicious and deadly, the Dartswimmer is the king of predatory fish. Lurking in freshwater ponds, lakes, and streams, it impales its prey with a large spike on its head. While typically ranging in lengths from 3-4 feet, some specimens have been known to be quite larger. Its scales have a multitude of colorations, from light blues through to purples and light grey through to pitch black. It is also equipped with a mouth full of tiny, needle-like teeth. After spawning, a Dartswimmer will search for a suitable location with plenty of food, and, once found, the fish will typically spend the rest of its life there. These locations tend to be rivers or small lakes, where the Dartswimmer can create its own lair in the foliage and emerging when suitable prey approaches.

Goliath Clam[edit | edit source]

Lake Blue Gill[edit | edit source]

Shark[edit | edit source]

Avian[edit | edit source]

Jungle Fowl[edit | edit source]

Malleemar[edit | edit source]

A malleemar on the streets of Kon Belben

A small, common bird in the towns and outposts of Bormar, some consider them pets, while others consider them to be quite annoying. A malleemar is a bird of many colors, most commonly, however, seen with a gray plumage. It possesses a small beak, perfect for cracking small nuts and seeds collected from the ground and fields surrounding settlements. Given its small size, malleemar are often finds nooks to nest in within the walls of old buildings in outposts.

Malleemar are docile birds accustomed to living among Dwarven settlements. Mostly active during the day, it may often be found around its nest or in fields surrounding the settlements. Malleemars often pair for life, nesting year after year in the same location, rearing their young for a month until they can fly.

Despite being seen as a seed-and-fruit-eating pest to most Farmers, the malleemar has been known to be utilized by the Dwarves of Bormar as messenger birds. This growing trend has led to a quicker response time in messages but has also given some aid to the malleemar's reputation as well.

Murderowl[edit | edit source]

Runt Bat[edit | edit source]

Insects[edit | edit source]

Anchor Beetle[edit | edit source]

Tending to herd together in small groups, Anchor Beetles are known for their strength, tenacity and ferociousness. Despite their appearenes, groups of this tiny insect shoudl not be underestimated. Anchor Beetles have a strong bite and are known for their immense grip strength with their legs. Once they have bitten their prey, they will clamp their legs to whatever surface they are on, rendering them almost immobile. Most animals that find themselves bitten by an Anchor Beetle can usually shake one or two off before they are pinned to the ground, helpless. Once immobilized, the Anchor Beetle will emit a shrill call, alerting all other Anchor Beetles in the area to the potential target.

Giant Bee[edit | edit source]

Grass Mite[edit | edit source]

Moongrub[edit | edit source]

Nduge Fly[edit | edit source]

Panacea Leech[edit | edit source]

Spider[edit | edit source]

Plantlife[edit | edit source]

Amanita Colossi[edit | edit source]

Main Article: Amanita Colossi

This massive, predatory mushroom is known to inhabit the isolated forests and swamps of the world. Its roots snake through the soils searching for prey and is a formidable foe to isolated holdings and frontier Outposts.

Cucurbita[edit | edit source]

Part animal, part plant, the Cucurbita is a thorn in the side of many societies within Bormar, who constantly argue as to whose jurisdiction it lies under. On the outside, a Cucurbita merely looks like any large pumpkin, gourd, or similar large vegetable. However, the "true" Cucurbita is found within the body of these vegetables and resembles a strange type of spider. After the larval stage, both vegetable and animal fuse together, so it is impossible to tell what the 'true' Cucurbita looks like. Many specimens show decorative markings on the shell, presumably to either entice prey or ward off predators.

Smaller specimens of the Cucurbita, labeled as "Minisculus", are quite easy to stomp out by even an unarmed Dwarf. However, as the Cucurbita ages, it also grows in size, sometimes being known as a "Gigantus". If these large specimens are encountered, it is advisable to attack any protruding portions of the "animal" section of the Cucurbita, or to simply hack away at the vegetable shell in order to create a weak spot.

Fungoid[edit | edit source]

Ent[edit | edit source]

Poison Mushroom[edit | edit source]

Slimes[edit | edit source]

The Apex Slime infesting the region of Gellion's Cross

Apex Slime[edit | edit source]

Magma Slime

Swamp Slime

Trolls[edit | edit source]

Forest Troll

Fungus Troll

Magma Troll

Stone Troll

Sulphur Troll

Water Troll

Other[edit | edit source]

Automata[edit | edit source]

The many Automata creations of Jolvis Volt

Unlike almost anything else in the world, Automata are the bizarre metal creations of Jolvis Volt and his followers. They are strong, powerful and durable, but are rather slow. Each is created to serve a particular task, or sometimes a number of them. Their last assigned task is what they will quite happily continue to do until they are either given another or rust away. Though it sometimes seems like they are sentient, or at least sapient, this is merely due to the complex nature of the tasks that they have been given.

Drake[edit | edit source]

Grunger[edit | edit source]

Harrier[edit | edit source]

Hulud[edit | edit source]

Netcaster[edit | edit source]

Rust Eater[edit | edit source]

Shamblegourd[edit | edit source]

Stoneshell[edit | edit source]

Swamp Light[edit | edit source]

Swamphopper[edit | edit source]

Turtle[edit | edit source]

Tuskhide Boar[edit | edit source]

Vekhorn[edit | edit source]

Whiplash Squid[edit | edit source]

Wold Stalker[edit | edit source]