The Falsehood: Democracy

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The Falsehood: Democracy
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AuthorGindolin Blessedbelt

This tome is penned by Thornheim resident Gindolin Blessedbelt. In this piece, Gindolin airs his frustrations with the Outpost's democratic leanings, as well as his views on democracy in general.

Text[edit | edit source]

Introduction[edit | edit source]

The idea that every Dwarf should have a say in society is new and its growing but it shouldn't be. It's not our way, it sows the seeds of chaos and it can be used by many to grab power when they shouldn't have it. I will introduce three reasons why the fake ideal of "Democracy" should be avoided at all costs. I will then provide the arguments for reasons before briefly summarizing the book. Democracy fails for three main reasons:

1. It is a bureaucratic nightmare.

2. It is ripe for corruption and rot.

3. Everyone becomes an expert.

Bureaucratic Nightmare[edit | edit source]

Everyone runs a Democratic State, we all have equal say in any and all decisions made. This means that in order to do anything mildly important you have to go through all the members of the Outpost and try to at least gain a small minority. During all of this you'll have some "wise" opposition doing anything they can to stop your plans from happening simply because they personally disagree.

This is a nightmare. Councils and democracies are excellent ideas for tiny projects, but for a brand new Outpost? A brand new Outpost located in a brand new land filled with brand new threats? Such a system is slow, cumbersom and simply weakens the Outpost rather than strengthens it. There can be no quick decisions and the opinions of experts only matter if they get enough popular opinion.

Corruption[edit | edit source]

As has been noted, democracy works on the idea of popular opinion. While I am sure we all think ourselves incorruptible bastions of good morality and opinion, and I often find myself thinking the same, this just simply isn't the truth.

Every Dwarf has a price, whether large or small. If another Dwarf gains enough wealth, secrets or other desirable items then they can bribe, blackmail and corrupt themselves into an "elected dictatorship" with a stranglehold on the "congress". This isn't right. The Outpost has so many things to focus on such as threats from this new land, gathering supplies to send to our old home and growing our new home. We shouldn't have to worry about a governmental system that is so open to collapsing in on itself.

Expert Everyone[edit | edit source]

We all like to think ourselves smart and we all are smart in our own ways but that there is what should be emphasized, our own ways. For example in military matters, why should a Dwarf who hasn't got into a single fight have the same say as a Dwarf who has spent their entire life serving the Molir. It makes no sense to me. I will be open, I know next to nothing about apothecaries and I don't think my opinion regarding apothecarical issues should hold the same weight. Its wrong. We should follow knowledge more than simply popular belief.

Summary[edit | edit source]

I hope this has atleast helped you realise Democracy and the right to vote for every Dwarf isn't as perfect as some would lead you to believe. There is no strength, no expertise, no unity. These are things that the Dwarves of Bormar should strive for.